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When Mars Moves Forward, We All Benefit


The big news this week is Mars Direct on March 10. I’ve been racking my brain to think of an appropriate song for this astral event, but I can’t seem to find the gestalt equivalent of “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead.” Not that this Mars Retrograde was particularly pernicious. For some, it was actually beneficial. But Mars is one of the planets that drive the mechanics of daily life, and when it moves behind instead of ahead, routines tend to get sluggish, and perhaps a little boring. After all, Mars symbolizes energy, ambition, muscles, physical movement, and sex, all of which flourish under forward motion. Mars has been retrograde since four days before Christmas, and even though it will take another ten days for Mars to gather momentum and hit its stride, you’re likely to notice a difference in energy as early as … well, March 11. I’m not predicting miracles of progress, but I can guarantee a new sense of purpose and pride, as individual and collective moods shift out of lethargy and into zeal.

Mars “turns around” in a trine to Venus, in Aries, forming a perfect positive signature that feeds love, sensuality, sexuality, and creativity. Be prepared for passion – lots of it – especially the sort of heat that’s generated from balance and knowing. This confidence-enhancing configuration is the perfect antidote to a T-Square between Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. Saturn opposes Venus as it squares Pluto, and Pluto squares both Saturn and Venus. A T-Square signifies tension as well as friction, and the whole bundle could devolve in thwarted, compulsive, or inhibited interactions. Be careful not to force your attention and affection where it isn’t met with equal admiration. The good news, again, is that the Venus/Mars trine promotes healthy interactions of every ilk, not just the sexual.

Mars rules assertion, from rage to self-actualization and everything in between. It is the arms and legs of the ego, and it is through Mars that we move out in the world and know ourselves as individuals, separate and distinct from others. Some of us, especially those of us figuring out how to express anger in healthy ways, could have trouble handling this Martian thrust, so try to be compassionate about tantrums, yours or others. Anger is always a healthy response against the injustice of having a self denied, but harming others in the process isn’t always a healthy choice. If you feel yourself on the edge of a storm, take a break before you say or do something you might later regret.

As Mars moves into gear, so will we. Just be aware that getting up to speed is going to take time for all of us, including Mars, so you still need to make patience your constant companion. By the end of March, as Mars kicks into overdrive, so do several other planetary configurations, all of which are going to keep us extremely active. Rather than resent how long it takes to hit your stride, use this time to gather your strength and replenish your reserves.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES It doesn’t matter who or what you focus your attention on, because this week it’s all about love. Seize the moment, revel in romance, and, most importantly, be sure to fall in love with yourself.

TAURUS Several situations need your immediate attention, and the good news is that you have the energy to multitask without even breaking a sweat. Enjoy your expanded capacity to produce results.

GEMINI While the world around you bustles with activity, you’re not quite ready to move at the speed of light. Accept your deep need for quiet, and allow that desire to guide your decisions.

CANCER Try not to let your love of luxury motivate extravagant choices. Yes, I know you aren’t likely to spend what you don’t have, but there are always exceptions, and this week might be one of them.

LEO How do you spell relief? M-a-r-s D-i-r-e-c-t. Take a deep breath, and when you exhale, breathe out your accumulated frustration at the stagnation. It won’t be long until you’re in an angst-free zone.

VIRGO It will take several weeks before you feel completely free of recent restraints, but the end is in sight. Keep doing whatever is necessary to emancipate yourself, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

LIBRA You won’t be able to make every area of your life work without a hitch, but if you focus on what is both reasonable and manageable, you’ll be able to manage certain situations with greater ease.

SCORPIO Make discipline your keyword and you’ll start to see results almost immediately. But don’t confuse determination with disassociation; it’s still important to maintain contact and connection.

SAGITTARIUS It’s only magical thinking when you believe that dreams come true without any participation. This is why you need to get to work, now. There are dreams that are ready to become reality.

CAPRICORN Strong powers of attraction pull you into deep emotional waters. And before you have a chance to apply the brakes, you’re more involved than you want to be. Trust this process, even if it is uncomfortable — you won’t be disappointed.

AQUARIUS Stalled or frozen negotiations with partners, both personal and professional, start to thaw. As positions shift, be clear about what you want and need, and present your proposal with confidence.

PISCES There’s no reason to consider recent developments a setback. Use your innate resilience and you’ll bounce back with ease as well as grace. Right now, exuberance is your best friend.