.Welcome to Best of the East Bay: 2022 is a doozy, but we got this

2022 has been, shall we say, an intense year so far. Even as we continue to endure a virus that has wavered some, while we witness the horrifying details of an attempted coup to overthrow the will of people unfolding before us every week, and women’s reproductive rights are in peril all over the country, there are still some things to celebrate and appreciate, especially in the East Bay. 

This year’s Best of the East Bay highlights not only the way that our corner of the country is one of the best places to live, love and learn, but it also points to the consistent hope and resilience of our citizens, businesses and organizations who strive to make a difference everyday. It’s no small feat in the face of bigotry, arrogance and ignorance for people to come together, appreciating the diversity of our cities and state, and striving to bring the joy, comfort and beauty that is always sorely needed, but particularly now. 

Along with the listings, which are tallied votes and the will of the people, this issue offers writers’ views on what they think is the best of the East Bay. From food, to cannabis, to movies, art and music, EBX continues to provide the information readers need to explore all that the East Bay has to offer, while remaining critical of what could be made better through our journalism and editorial opinion.

As managing editor, it is both an honor and a privilege to work with such a thorough and brilliant team to put this, and all, issues together every week. It is my hope that readers will not only use this issue as a guide into summer, but also to continue to interact with all of our upcoming issues with the same spirit and energy that make the East Bay what it is.

D. Scot Miller
Managing Editor of The East Bay Express, Former Associate Editor of Oakland Magazine and Alameda Magazine, Columnist-In-Residence at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)'s Open Space, Advisory Board Member of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts, and regular contributor to several newspapers, websites and magazines. Miller is the founder of The Afrosurreal Arts Movement through his publication of The Afrosurreal Manifesto in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, May 20, 2009.



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