.Weed War: Cali Cops Take Home $181 Million in Loot

Anger with police chiefs over their continued obstruction of reasonable medical marijuana regulations is boiling over in California this year.

As Colorado and Washington blaze new trails in regulated access to legal pot, California’s police chiefs continue to block any legislation to regulate the state’s multibillion-dollar medical marijuana industry, which has been around since 1996. Instead, police chiefs want to end medical marijuana in California, calling it a fraud and a sham.


The Sacbee’s Peter Hecht called out the cops for their recalcitrance on Sunday in a story ‘California police have no interest in setting pot rules’.

California police took $181 million in peoples homes and cars in war on pot

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  • California police took $181 million in people’s homes and cars in war on pot

“The general feeling in the law enforcement community is that California’s medical marijuana law is a giant con job,” the state’s biggest cop lobbyist told Hecht.

California’s police are trained to “put ‘medical marijuana’ in quotes because technically there is no such thing.”

Instead, California police have made $181.4 million by seizing and selling the homes and cars of Californians involved in marijuana cases from 2002 to 2012. California police are number one in the country in terms of taking and selling citizens’ property as part of pot cases, the Bee noted.


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