.Wednesday’s Briefing: College admissions scandal comes to Cal; friends mourn Victor McElhaney in L.A.

Alameda cannabis dispensary approved by Planning Board

News you don’t want to miss for Mar. 20:

1. The college admissions scandal could be spreading to the East Bay. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Cal is investigating a 2014 admission of a member of its crew team whose father allegedly paid someone $100,000 to take the SAT on behalf of the student. $$

2. An estimated 700 gathered at a memorial on the campus of U.S.C. to remember Victor McElhaney, the son of Oakland Councilmember Lynette McElhaney, the Los Angeles Times reports. Victor McElhaney was killed last week during a robbery in Los Angeles. $$

3. Job Torres Hernandez, a Hayward construction company owner was convicted for recruiting undocumented immigrant workers from Mexico and paying them little under threat of violence, the East Bay Times reports. Hernandez could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

4. Ranked-choice voting in San Francisco will soon allow for 10 candidates to be ranked by voters, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. In the East Bay, only Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro have ranked-choice voting. Could they be next? $$

5. “Why does Alameda County charge up to $1 a page to view court records online?” Berkeleyside asks.

6. A cannabis dispensary is coming to Webster Street in Alameda, the East Bay Times reports. The dispensary, approved last week by the Planning Board, is slated for a former bank near Haight Street. $$

7. Oakland Councilmember, a noted environmentalist, appeared Tuesday with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

$$ = Stories you may have to pay to read.


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