Walk Your Talk

For the week of August 17-23, 2011.

Normally, when a pernicious planetary pattern — like the one hanging over us for weeks — is so bad for so long, Whiney, Miserable, and Worse-Than-You-Thought (three shadow Disney Dwarfs who only appear when we’re drowning in the psychic soup) plant themselves next to my keyboard and yap at me until I acknowledge just how hard daily life is. But for the last several weeks (which have been anything but normal), three new dwarfs, Shpilkes, Angst, and Tsouris, materialized on my desktop reciting a long litany of the problems currently challenging our personal and collective condition. At first, I thought I could quiet them by putting my head between my hands, swaying side-to-side, and chanting long choruses of “oy.” But all that did was encourage them. Simply bemoaning fate won’t transform the underlying pattern. The only thing — besides denial — that could possibly nullify the recent overwhelming stress of this astral mosaic would be figuring out how to channel its intensity into creative action. Earth is a free-will planet, after all, and part of the gift of being here is the ability to integrate insight and turn it into action. Putsw simply: There has never been a better time to walk your talk.

This perfect astrological storm took hold on two fronts. First, at the end of July, the Uranus/Pluto square moved within one degree of exact contact, a mathematical relationship that’s known to reveal the core themes of an interaction. That close contact persisted until this week. Now, as Uranus and Pluto pull apart, we’re likely to feel the effect of this square even more keenly.

Second, for the last two weeks, as the Uranus/Pluto square tightened its grip, Mars moved in to heighten the intensity. Mars, among its many meanings, symbolizes the ability to take a stand, a characteristic that can be seen in tantrums as well self-actualization.

This week, Mars moves into a square with Saturn, adding yet another pernicious edge to the entire bundle. This square often signifies a willful determination that will bully its way through any obstacle, real or imagined. It also encourages blaming and punishing as a way of coping with thwarted ambitions. Lots of us might be tempted to use this Mars/Saturn square to support a self-righteous attitude that assumes superiority to others as a way of coping with frustration. Refuse to engage in any activities that require the suffering of others to support your prosperity.

Currently in Cancer, a Sign that is always concerned with issues of security, Mars calibrated the Uranus/Pluto square toward financial security. But don’t be fooled into thinking the debt ceiling or the stock market is the real issue. Remember: We are in a preview of things to come, and as this square unfolds over the next several years, it will reveal the underbelly of any system, personal and collective, that refuses to acknowledge just how deeply connected to each other we really are.

And just as the condition of the planet bears witness to the truth that corporate greed is no longer viable, unsustainable personal systems will also continue to fail until each of us finds creative ways to shift out of patterns that keep our hearts shut to each other and to ourselves.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You can frame it as a confrontation over which are more important, your needs or the needs of those you love. Or you can remember that the deepest source of power is always internal.

TAURUS The emphasis is still on conversations, only this week, the trick is not letting unfinished conversations turn into brain worms that burrow into your mind and disrupt your confidence.

GEMINI If you don’t already have a gratitude practice that is structured around all the things in your life that you are thankful for, start one. Yes, it is a return to basics, but sometimes that’s just what’s needed.

CANCER Try not to worry about making everyone happy. Simply be willing to turn the situation on its head, and use that new perspective to find creative solutions to your situation.

LEO Instead of dwelling on missed cues and misunderstanding, and then blaming yourself for being less than perfect, consider the idea that your confusion just might be a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

VIRGO Do not let clashes with friends or associates over money turn into full-blown episodes. No matter how right you may think you are, understanding the “other” point of view will yield positive results.

LIBRA Seek the advice of friends who will tell you the truth. Their counsel will help you to tolerate the emotional intensity, as well as provide valuable insight into your role as a co-creative participant.

SCORPIO Rather than squander your energy on projects charged with personal agendas, focus your efforts on positive endeavors that deserve your time and attention.

SAGITTARIUS Channel your uncertainty into creative projects, and you’ll find the perfect vessel for your erratic energy pattern. You might also discover that instability can sometimes serve a positive purpose.

CAPRICORN Sometimes you can argue with authorities and gain great personal satisfaction, but other times, you can rage against the machine and just grow increasingly dissatisfied. It’s a matter of choice, and the choice is yours.

AQUARIUS Let go of the need to control the outcome, and instead, simply show up and be present for the creative moment. If you trust in the big picture, the details will work themselves into a beneficial picture.

PISCES Simply refuse to engage in negative thinking and you’ll find it much easier to access the creativity needed to find a remedy that will benefit all the participants.

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