Vote for Me, You Fascist Pigdog

Last week, the Berkeley Daily Planet published candidate statements from all the upstanding citizens who would like your vote for mayor. We could summarize their respective positions on crime, economic development, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Or we could just skip to Christian Pecault, as he ponders the eternal question: “Am I possessed by a ravening demon from the ninth circle of Hell? Or merely schizophrenic?” Here’s a sample of Pecault’s thoughts on Berkeley politics.

“Landlords: Remorseless, lying, blood-sucking parasites. More property, more vicious. Give back every dollar stolen from the tenants, immediately, in cash. Rent is Theft.

“District 7: Kriss Worthington’s “apologies” cover for legal (nonprofit) money laundering through the Housing Authority. I asked him, “If I can get the support of the people of Berkeley, will they accurately count the votes?” He said No. I sat in grave silence. George Beier paid some “Democratic” Party mercenaries to tell him what to say and do.

“UC Berkeley: 90% of the students are conniving cruel imbeciles. Spoor of a big ascendant nazi-bourgeiosie. Extermination disease programs called “cancer research” and “synthetic biology.” Save Darfur campaign is fake bred there: China’s oil supplies are the real target.

“Environmentalism: Earth Day inaugurated by Richard Nixon to celebrate Laos and Cambodia burning. Lenin’s birthday same day. COINTELPRO Jackpot! 30+ Years Strong. Enshrined mechanically here in Berkeley with the solar powered parking ticket dispenser.

“Police: A blunt spoon gouge of cruelty, incompetence, arrogance, and systemic theft-punishment, with growing slush funds from the drug trade and nouveau Gestapo. Stacked wih torturers and murderers trained in Iraq. 5%+ pay increase every year for 5 years = $80,000 starting salary.

“Anti-War: Every single opposition group, without exception, is controlled by the US Military and their paramilitary/propogandist thugs. Directly in the case of ANSWER and World Can’t Wait. Everyone else indirectly through uncritical acceptance of official counter-intelligence propoganda. Besides the spontaneous protests in 2003, there has been zero genuine organized resistance to the war in the United States. Zero. Lockdown.

Daily Planet: Your decision to censor my letter describing the CIA/Mossad gun barrel resting on the Democratic Party leadership’s temple that enforces silence on the WTC/Pentagon high treason was not cowardice but stupidity.”

Now, that’s how you run for office! Move over, Karl Rove – there’s a new golden boy in town.


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