Vision Quests, Sexual Urges, and Time Distortions

For the week of April 29-May 5, 2009.

Don’t be dismayed if you can’t find a clear signal or thread to
guide you through this week’s wormholes of moods and attitudes. The sky
is an odd hodgepodge of astral interactions. On one side of the
celestial sphere, the decisive trend toward hard but efficient work
continues, while on the other side, passionate yet compulsive sexual
urges delight and distract. And in yet another not so distant galaxy,
Mercury prepares for its second retrograde of 2009, and as its
preparations decrease the “normal” speed of light, the pace of daily
life here on Earth begins to decelerate. But that’s not all. A
Jupiter/Neptune conjunction continues to inspire vision quests,
personal and collective, aimed at true transformation. These disparate
patterns could be disconcerting or discombobulating, but that doesn’t
mean the picture is necessarily negative. Set your internal compass on
positive, and that conscious intention will lead you through the

The source of strength is a trine between the Sun, in Taurus, and
Saturn, in Virgo. This positive combination tends to lean heavily in
the direction of solitude and self-reliance; its potential for
determination is undeniable. And even though it feels as if this is the
place for me to add a disclaimer or qualifier, there simply isn’t
anything “wrong” with a Sun/Saturn trine. Use its power wisely and
you’ll access the potential to steady and stabilize the week’s

A Venus/Mars conjunction, in Aries, continues to fuel amorous
appetites as well as passionate pursuits. When Venus and Mars share the
same space, they give birth to sexual and sensual urges, as well as to
intense emotional expressions. Anticipate declarations of adoration and
affection, and while those pronouncements may come mostly from the heat
of the moment, others come straight from the heart and are likely to
cover a wide range of love interests, from the personal to the

Mercury goes Retrograde on May 7, and as we approach the turnaround,
time distortions could make routines feel increasingly disorienting.
Mercury will stay retrograde until May 30, which means the entire month
is going to have a rhythm all its own. For those of you new to Mercury
Retrograde, this phase tends to interfere with everything
related to communication and travel. So start your backup hard-drive
engines, now. Also, if you are making travel plans, book those
reservations before Monday, May 4, and you’ll have an easier time
navigating the delays and detours of a retrograde.

Fortunately, a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction turns the air
considerate, and while this configuration is no panacea for all that
ails, it definitely takes the edge off by providing the potential for
idealism and genuine concern for humanity. Just be aware, this
conjunction is not a perfect union, especially if you’re struggling
with addiction as a way of coping with stress. But if you can corral
this optimistic energy and aim it at a good attitude, you’ll find real
support for active compassion. And that would be a welcome addition to
any week.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that,

ARIES Opportunities to improve your financial situation
abound, but taking advantage of those openings requires the ability to
say “yes.” So stay in the moment, and maintain your enthusiasm, by
continuing to show up for the possibility of success.

TAURUS You’re still in the leadership role, which means your
example continues to be important. Make every effort to be consistent,
and you’ll generate the good will and enthusiasm of others.

GEMINI Despite the external tumult, you have the capacity to
maintain a strong internal calm, especially if you refuse to engage in
a negative mind-set. Stay positive and you’ll neutralize almost every

CANCER Tangible career gains can be made, but to take
advantage of these opportunities, you have to be active rather than
passive. Accept the challenge of success — you just might enjoy
the attention.

LEO There is money to be made, but only if you stay
focused on the tasks at hand. So no matter how tempting it may be to
slack off, maintain a steady pace, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your

VIRGO You’re still in the process of gathering confidence and
building self-esteem. So even if it seems tedious, continue to pay
attention to what needs to be learned. Remember, experience is the
mother of wisdom.

LIBRA It won’t be hard finding solid internal ground, but
what might be difficult is integrating that stability into your
relationships. If you let the situation unfold on its own, you’ll have
an easier time managing the intensity.

SCORPIO You may find yourself sharing more personal
information than usual. And while these disclosures may be worrisome at
first, it’s simply part of an equal exchange of information among

SAGITTARIUS Seize the moment, and take advantage of an
opportunity to stabilize your work situation. Even if you don’t get the
bonus you want or deserve, you can still make solid progress.

CAPRICORN Give yourself permission to relax, if just for a
moment. There will always be more work to be done, but that’s no reason
to ignore what you’ve already accomplished. Allow a wholesome pride to
bolster your confidence about the future.

AQUARIUS While conversations with significant others,
personal or professional, might be uncomfortable, certain revelations
could ultimately improve the situation. Remember, you gotta feel to

PISCES Try not to let financial worries corrupt your view of
the future. There may be obstacles to overcome, but you have the
strength and stamina to do what’s necessary to transform your

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