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.Uranus/Pluto Square: Part Three

For the week of June 13-19, 2012.

music in the park san jose

Restless astral winds agitate hearts and minds this week, stimulating a desire to break free from all constraints, real or imaginary. This yearning for freedom is certain to give birth to dramatic proclamations and ultimatums, and whether those announcements are personal or political, they are likely to address a litany of grievous behavior that will no longer be tolerated. Keep in mind that while many such efforts to clear the air are sincere, they are also likely to be filtered through pent-up, predominantly negative emotions that need to see the light of day before any true transformation can occur. Rather than react to these toxic discharges, try to see beyond the sludge of bitterness, anger, or despair. To be sure, the victim’s lament can try the tolerance and patience of others, but there are real casualties in this world, and those stories need to be heard and seen through the ears and eyes of compassion — not blame — for the conduct and its consequences to truly heal.

The source of astral agitation is the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, which will be exact to the degree and minute on June 24. For the last couple of weeks, this dynamic interaction has been within close enough range to be considered exact — only thirty or so astronomical minutes separate Uranus and Pluto. As they tighten their hold, the intensity of daily life has tightened its grip, squeezing crucial issues to the surface of consciousness. The effect of a hard aspect is usually seen when the planets start to move apart, but the nearly exact contact of this square persists through the entire summer until the second of the seven exact squares on September 19. It isn’t until mid-October that the tension releases and the effect starts to clarify — just in time for the elections in early November.

When Tip O’Neill coined the phrase “All politics is local,” he was referring to the notion that voters tend to focus on local concerns rather than national issues. Given the current state of the world, it can be argued that local, national, and global concerns are no longer separated by distance, climate, or culture; global is the new local. But there are other ways to interpret his political wisdom. Local begins at the beginning, at home with all of our relations: family, friends, neighbors, pets, and even plants. We learn our values early and young, which is why changing attitudes and fighting prejudice is such hard work. Acquiring a more expansive worldview requires leaving behind the bias we learned as children. And that maturation often involves a change of heart.

Focus the creative power of the Uranus/Pluto square on local transformation. You can’t preach peace and kick the dog. And while it’s true that the world is drastically out of balance and in desperate need of creative solutions at every level, the place to start any lasting revolution is always at home. The world only changes one heart at a time.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The warning about using your words wisely still holds, especially in situations where it’s easy to let your guard down. I’m not advising you to clam up; I’m simply suggesting that you continue to think before you speak.

TAURUS Call it a crisis of faith or see it as an opportunity to confront persistent doubts that undermine your confidence — it’s your choice. Remember: In a creative universe, nothing stays the same.

GEMINI Allow your devotion to knowledge to inform your choices, and even if you disagree with the data, at least consider the possibility of an alternate view. This isn’t about changing your mind; it’s about being flexible.

CANCER The emphasis is on all your relationships, personal and professional, as well as your relationship with yourself. Be willing to explore your intentions, and you’ll discover motivations in need of renovation.

LEO It’s actually a question of discipline: Can you stay focused on your goals and still maintain your innate generosity of spirit? Don’t accept an easy answer. Instead, let the question stimulate greater self-awareness.

VIRGO A spiritual bypass won’t work, but an applied spiritual practice will help you to figure out how to maintain and establish your balance in the midst of so much change and uncertainty.

LIBRA Consider your current challenge to be a vision quest for what will help you to feel safe and secure as you experience the flux of intimate and often disturbing interactions with significant others.

SCORPIO It’s not a question of resistance; it’s a matter of personal rhythm. Yours is a unique and sensitive filtration system that processes new information at a different pace from what others might desire.

SAGITTARIUS Creating the fertile ground of positive compromise is something you do effortlessly, which is why this gift with others will have exponential benefits. Don’t worry — you won’t get lost in the process.

CAPRICORN Change continues to create ripples across your personal pond. Allow these shifts to occur and you’ll continue to gather increased personal strength and stamina.

AQUARIUS Your internal journey has the potential to be so rich and rewarding that you might forget to share your insights with others. Rather than pull away, make an effort to move closer to those you love.

PISCES It’s a question of ultimate value, and what matters most to you may not be what matters most to those you love. Take a moment to assess and reassess what you hold dear, and allow significant others the same freedom.


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