Uranus Brings the Unusual

For the week of July 6-12, 2011.

The full force of the July 1 solar eclipse is behind us, but the tremors of emotional upheaval persist. Uranus, symbol of unpredictable plot twists, goes retrograde late in the day on July 9, and because its “course corrections” always seems to provoke drama, unanticipated events are certain to challenge hearts, minds, and especially nervous systems. Do not expect to feel settled or comfortable. Do expect to feel disconcerted and discombobulated. During Uranus shifts, my personal mantra is always “Expect the unexpected,” and whether I’m muttering it with anxiety or chanting it with glee depends more on my ability to live comfortably with uncertainty than it does on the immediate environment or current company. So no matter what form the external tumult might take, do your best to stay steady inside. Find healthy ways of managing your stress, and when possible, try to lend a hand to those less capable of coping with the intensity.

Uranus is retrograde until December 10, and as is true for all retrograde phases, as Uranus seemingly retraces its path, so do we, which means during the coming months we will be revisiting what we’ve set in motion since March of this year, as well as choices made from June through August of last year. Many lives have changed quite dramatically over the course of the last twelve months, and even if you haven’t lived through an actual earthquake, this Uranian retrospective could make you conscious of just how radical your personal pole shift may have been — and continues to be. Uranus is infamous for provoking the need for freedom, and often its influence manifests as declarations of independence, personal as well as collective. While these pronouncements tend to be seen by others as impulsive assertions — especially if they are disruptive to the status quo — Uranus only catalyzes what’s stagnant and in need of creative transformation.

Be prepared for speed bumps, big and small, as you reconsider the consequences of recent decisions. Also get ready for interruptions, some necessary and some simply a nuisance. When Uranus moves, staying still is next to impossible, and while I would like to suggest breathing deeply before you leap into a reactive mode, it may not be possible to be circumspect (especially on the tailwind of such a powerful eclipse). Just keep in mind that the tricky part of Uranus Retrograde is when it goes direct in December, and you might feel compelled to change your mind … again.

Uranus is an erratic, inconsistent, unstable force that likes to turn the ordinary on its head in order to make the extraordinary visible. Rather than resent this retrospective, greet it with enthusiasm. And don’t be dismayed if disruptions disturb any steady rhythm you’ve managed to cobble together. Uranian interference is often a creative opportunity.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES When Uranus moved into Aries, it catalyzed an identity crisis and invited you to make dynamic changes in how you present yourself to the world. Consider its retrograde a chance to review your new persona and refine your new image.

TAURUS Uranus is inviting you to become more aware of the power of the unconscious. Whether it’s through your dreams, meditation, visualization, therapy, or other methods of access, use this time to make your unconscious “user-friendly.”

GEMINI If you’re having trouble figuring out how to share your gifts with the world, consider this: Start with something simple and specific, rather than a complex idea that seems daunting even before you start. All big accomplishments start with small steps.

CANCER You’re reviewing recent career decisions, and while you might find yourself regretting certain choices, it would be much more beneficial to view those situations as opportunities for growth and greater awareness.

LEO It isn’t easy to take a long, hard look at tried and true systems, but introspection is always worthwhile, especially when it comes to belief systems. Summon your innate courage, and be willing to examine what you believe in and why.

VIRGO Uranus is facilitating a review of power issues, and a large part of the focus is on issues of control. Notice where you are holding on or insisting on a specific outcome, and then contemplate why that area is so important.

LIBRA Uranus has catalyzed so many shifts in your relationships that it’s hard to imagine there’s any more growing to do. But if you consider this retrograde an opportunity to integrate recent changes, you’ll realize there’s always room for refinement.

SCORPIO Pay attention to the details and you will discover potent ingredients for change and progress. Yes, some of what has transpired is difficult to take in, but you are only at the beginning of a process that will get easier.

SAGITTARIUS Uranus is interested in catalyzing your innate creativity, so notice where you might be hesitant to express yourself and see if it’s possible to transform that resistance into a willingness to grow.

CAPRICORN Uranus wants you to use the “n” word and acknowledge what you need to feel safe from the inside out. Do not confuse this security with financial statements. This is about a deeper, more profound sense of belonging.

AQUARIUS Trying to hold back your ideas will be like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, so don’t waste one moment attempting the impossible. Hold forth, and just remember to listen to others with equal intensity.

PISCES The emphasis is on value, and while it may look like a financial crisis (and it may be one), the underlying issue is self-worth and self-esteem. Take your power back by seeing yourself as your greatest resource.

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