.Updated: Retiring Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan Said to Have ‘Serious Medical Condition’

There’s already been a lot of speculation today about about why Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan abruptly announced his retirement this morning. Jordan cited medical reasons for his decision, but last week, OPD’s court-appointed compliance director released a strongly critical report of the department’s handling of police misconduct under Jordan’s command and made the unprecedented decision to reopen closed cases. In addition, high-priced consultants William Bratton and Robert Wasserman were scheduled to release a separate report today. So the timing of Jordan’s retirement announcement raised eyebrows. But City Councilwoman Libby Schaaf said this afternoon that the 47-year-old Jordan really does have “a serious medical condition” that affects his ability to carry out his difficult job. “He is really sick,” said Schaaf, who has maintained a close relationship with Jordan and praised his efforts today to reduce crime in Oakland.


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