.Updated: Libby Schaaf Dominates Race for Oakland Mayoral Campaign Cash

Oakland Councilmember Libby Schaaf easily outdistanced her mayoral rivals in campaign fundraising during the first half of 2014, raking in $226,955 through June 30, according to campaign statements filed today. Excluding personal loans and donations that the candidates made to their own campaigns, Mayor Jean Quan finished a distant second to Schaaf with $89,566 in contributions, followed by City Auditor Courtney Ruby with $84,132.


Libby Schaaf.

  • Libby Schaaf.

When including personal loans and donations that the candidates made to their own campaigns, civil rights attorney Dan Siegel posted a fundraising total of $144,328 for this year (he loaned his campaign $100,000). Ruby’s total was $103,060 (including an $18,000 peronal loan), followed by Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan with $101,470 (including $60,000 in donations from herself) and Port Commissioner Bryan Parker with $92,765 ($30,000 personal loan).

San Francisco State professor Joe Tuman had the biggest drop off in fundraising this year compared to last year and seems to have been the most impacted by Schaaf’s presence in the race. Tuman raised just $51,866 in the first six months of 2014 compared to $155,300 during the last six months of 2013. Parker’s totals this year are also well below last year. He led all fundraisers in 2013 with $184,723.

Schaaf also dominated in overall fundraising for both 2013 and 2014. She has received a total of $351,166 to date. Parker has the second highest total with $277,488, followed by Quan, with $250,400. Indeed, Schaaf is closing in on the campaign cap this year of $405,000 — and there’s still plenty of time left before the November election.

Here a rundown on the fundraising leaders. First, the total for 2013 and 2014:
1. Schaaf: $351,166
2. Parker: $277,488
3. Quan: $250,400
4. Tuman: $207,166
5. Siegel: $144,388
6. Ruby: $103,060
7. Kaplan: $101,470

Here’s the list so far for 2014 (excluding loans and personal donations)
1. Schaaf: $225,833
2. Quan: $89,566
3. Ruby: $84,132
4. Parker: $62,675
5. Tuman: $47,506
6. Siegel: $44,328
7. Kaplan: $41,470

And here’s the list of 2014 when you include personal loans and donations:
1. Schaaf: $226,955
2. Siegel: $144,328
3. Ruby: $103,060
4. Kaplan: $101,470
5. Parker: $92,765
6. Quan: $89,566
7. Tuman: $51,866

Update: 8/1 at 10:35 a.m.: This post was updated to reflect Kaplan’s fundraising totals. Kaplan finally filed her reports last night at 9:27 p.m.

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