.Tuesday’s Briefing: Oakland’s rate of homelessness is skyrocketing; Shooting shuts down a portion of Interstate 880

Warriors are worth $3.5 billion, according to Forbes

News you don’t want to miss for July 23:

1. Oakland’s rate of homelessness increased 47 percent in the last two years, according to a point-in-time count performed by the county, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The estimated number of unsheltered individuals in Oakland rose from 2,761 to 4,071, the largest increase in the state. $$

2. Northbound Interstate 880 near 98th Avenue in Oakland was shut down Monday evening after one person was shot on the freeway, NBC Bay Area reports.

3. The odds of incoming freshmen getting accepted to the U.C. system is a tad better this fall, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. More than 108,000 freshman were accepted, a 62 percent rate. In 2018, 59 percent were admitted. $$

4. Alameda’s two-year city manager scandal was worsened, Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft said, because her predecessor, Trish Herrera Spencer, lacked strong leadership skills, the East Bay Citizen reports. Spencer called Ashcraft’s comments immature.

5. Did President Trump’s dislike of Oakland motivate the U.S. Department of Justice to file a motion earlier this month to intervene in the city’s lawsuit against the National Football League and the Raiders over the team’s move to Las Vegas? Daniel Kaplan writes in The Athletic that the motion seems peculiar, according to a legal expert. $$

6. The Golden State Warriors are the ninth most valuable sports franchise in the world, according to Forbes. The team’s valuation increased 13 percent over a year ago to $3.5 billion. The Dallas Cowboys, at $5 billion, topped the annual rankings.

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