.Tuesday Must Reads: State Water Bond Deal Blocked in Senate; NTSB Cites Pilot Error In Deadly Asiana Crash

Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. A proposal to place a $10.5 billion water bond on the November ballot failed to garner enough votes in the state Senate because Republicans want a greater share of the measure’s revenues to be spent on new dams and expanded reservoirs, the SacBee$ reports. Bond measure proposals require a two-thirds vote from the legislature, meaning that the water bond must have some GOP support. The current proposal would replace another $11.1 million bond measure that is already slated for the ballot, but is unlikely to be approved by state voters.
2. The acting chair of the NTSB said today that pilots of the Asiana airliner that crashed at San Francisco International Airport last year “over-relied on automated systems that they did not fully understand,” the Chron reports. However, NTSB officials also said that pilot training for the autopilot systems was insufficient and that even veteran pilots have expressed confusion about them.

3. The US Department of Education is moving toward closing a national chain of for-profit colleges — Corinthian Colleges, which owns Heald, Everest, and WyoTech colleges — after years of allegations that the company altered grades, falsified job placement rates, and misled students about financial aid obligations, the LA Times$ reports.

4. Consumers are not interested in looking at advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the Chron reports, citing a new Gallup survey. The poll showed that businesses that buy ads on social media in an attempt to attract customers are wasting their money.

5. And a jury convicted two Oakland men of first-degree murder for the killing of three-year-old Carlos Nava in 2011, the Trib$ reports. Lawrence Denard and Willie Torrence were shooting at rival gang members when a stray bullet struck and killed Carlos.

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