.Tree-Sitters Come Down, End Memorial Stadium Saga

Well, that’s it for the tree-sitters and the oak grove around Memorial Stadium. The last four protesters gave themselves up yesterday, and as five hundred supporters watched and gamely cheered, police hauled them off to the county jail at Santa Rita. Although the university has promised to include members of the public in future land use discussions, the poor kids didn’t even get the tree stump they asked for in the end. The tree-sitters had demanded that the university give them the stump of the oldest tree in the grove, so they could make a Native American drum out of it. UC officials agreed, but withdrew the offer when the protesters balked at coming down. The San Francisco Chronicle and the Oakland Tribune have video and slide shows of the scene yesterday; it’s worth a gander if you want a taste of how this two-year-long drama finally came to an end.


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