.Tom Ammiano Withdraws Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill AB 2312 from California Senate

Don Duncan, executive at marijuana patient lobby Americans for Safe Access writes to us saying that State Represtentative Tom Ammiano has withdrawn his bill to regulate the California medical marijuana industry at the statewide level. The California Senate planned to debate the major bill this week. Duncan didn’t give a reason why Rep. Ammiano withdrew the ASA-backed piece of legislation.

“Many good bills take more than a year to pass,” he wrote to ASA members Monday afternoon. “We need to make sure that taxation, if necessary, is limited; and we have to make it difficult for cities and counties to ban patients’ associations outright.”

The bill has been catching flak from both sides of the debate this month. AB 2312 narrowly passed the Assembly over criticism from those scoffed at even the notion of medical marijuana. This weekend, pro-medical marijuana groups also found faults with it when late amendments were made to the bill that would allow for city councils and county boards to ban dispensaries. Patient lobbies in battleground counties where storefronts have been eradicated contend that such bans are a deal-breaker.


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