.Tipping Point: Almost Every State Addressing Medical Marijuana

Forty-two states have passed or are in the middle of legislatively addressing laws regarding medical marijuana, an analysis by WestlawNext found.


“Forty-two states and the District of Columbia have proposed or enacted legislation regarding medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, according to a study by WestlawNext, the nation’s leading online legal research service. While California made national headlines when the state legalized medical marijuana in 1996, Virginia was the first state to legalize marijuana for certain medical purposes in 1979, fully 17 years before California’s law was signed.

Despite a shift toward public acceptance of medical marijuana use, only 24 states and the District of Columbia have made it legal. Legislation has been proposed in another 18 states, but not all have followed suit, with Idaho passing legislation reaffirming its stand against the legalization of marijuana altogether.”

About 2.4 million US citizens are thought to have a doctor’s recommendation for marijuana, which is still illegal under federal law. Lawful responsible use of state-legal prescribed marijuana can still result in the loss of a job, driver’s license, parental rights, and other rights — which is madness when you think about it.


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