.Thriftiest Baked Treat

Five Mini Pineapple Custard Buns for $1.70 at Napoleon Super Bakery

Want to bring in some baked goods for the office, but tired of the usual donuts or bagels? Breathe some fresh life into the office treat rotation by bringing in a pink cardboard box full of mini pineapple custard buns from Napoleon Super Bakery. Despite their name, the baked buns don’t actually contain any pineapple — the buns’ cracked butter-sugar topping merely resembles the fruit. Inside, you’ll find a generous helping of dense yellow eggy custard that’s just a tad bit sweet. Versions stuffed with red bean paste, barbecue pork, or without filling are also available. Hint: while most of the bakery’s goods are self-serve, you’ll find these babies behind the counter.


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