.Three Puppies Found in Trash Bag in Pleasant Hill

Thankfully, they were rescued and appear healthy.

If the recent KTVU story were a question on Jeopardy, it might go like this:

Answer: Person who threw three adorable terrier puppies into a trash bag in Pleasant hill.
Question: What is a monster?

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[jump] Thankfully, the three pups, which were estimated to be no older than five weeks and under two pounds, were rescued by a man and woman who came across the dogs in a tied-off trash bag in Pleasant Hill’s Paso Nogal Park. The man and woman took the pups home, fed them, and washed them, then brought them to their local shelter. Despite the attempt to suffocate them, the pups sustained no noticeable damages or injuries, Rick Golphin, deputy director of Contra Costa Animal Services, told KTVU. He also said that the puppies were transferred to one of the shelter’s rescue partners for temporary foster care until the are old enough to be adopted.

Due to the pups’ fifteen minutes of fame, Golphin noted that it wouldn’t be too hard to find homes for the pooches, and encouraged people to adopt one of the many other dogs available at the county shelter.

And, if anyone has any information about the monsters pups’ former owners, they can call Contra Costa Animal Services at 925-335-8366.

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