Three Planets, Two Eclipses, and One Big Mess

For the week of June 23-29, 2010.

For the next several weeks, we’re in the thick of ongoing, relentless astral intensity. The final opposition between Saturn and Uranus is only four weeks away, and as if that mounting tension isn’t enough, two eclipses unsettle the already wobbly ground of daily life. The lunar eclipse is on June 26 and the solar eclipse is on July 11. Eclipses disrupt normal routines — they have the power to turn day into night — and we often experience their effect several weeks (some say months) before or after the actual event. Most importantly, eclipses reveal what was previously veiled. Given the current state of the oil catastrophe, and how the egregious policies of the oil companies and the government have been brought to light, eclipses might just be as powerful as ancient astrologers claimed.

Our current eclipse wobbles need to be placed in the context of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition, which symbolizes fundamental challenges to the status quo. The challenges of Saturn/Uranus are not willy-nilly, and the structures that dissolve under their influence are already outdated. The current opposition cycle started in the fall of 2008 with the collapse of the financial system. The American auto industry was next (and let’s include Toyota as part of that challenge). Over the course of this opposition, one seemingly sound structure after another evaporated before our eyes. Now, in the final phase, the oil industry and our reliance on fossil fuel — which we all knew was based on willful ignorance and greed — are destroying an entire region of the world.

From my perspective, what’s being challenged is unbridled, unregulated capitalism. (Please: No letters of protest. I am a bleeding-heart liberal and proud of it.) The current Saturn/Uranus cycle began with a conjunction in 1988-89, when the Soviet Union began to dissolve and the Berlin Wall fell. In 1999, with the first square, the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed. Glass-Steagall separated commercial and investment banks and was put in place as a response to the stock market crashes of 1929-1932. When the current opposition series started in 2008, Wall Street fell, and now at the end of that Saturn/Uranus cycle, it’s clear that capitalism, like communism, no longer serves the interest of Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

Saturn also represents the father, and what is also clear is that many of us still think our president should be the “Father and Chief,” ready to right every wrong with his special powers. When President Obama gave his first Oval Office address last week, I couldn’t help but think about the overwhelming pressure he faces every day in attempting to live up to that utterly unrealistic projection. I also became keenly aware that no other president in recent history has faced so much pernicious negativity. The rabid right hasn’t let up for a moment. Its ignorance, hatred, and cruelty know no bounds. And its vile rhetoric spills out into the ocean of consciousness like the poisonous crude oil that spoils the sea. Leaders of the right lie like BP, knowing that a slick ad campaign can obscure the truth.

My heart goes out to President Obama. I would not be able to endure such a barrage of negativity. I can barely watch TV without getting sick to my stomach. I refuse to add to that negativity, and I am encouraging those of us who are aware enough to understand the multidimensional power of this moment to hold fast to what we know is true: No matter how overwhelming the challenge of transformation may be, each of us has the power to change this world. And that power begins with consciousness, compassion, and the courage to live according to our highest principles.

ARIES Reassess your goals, prioritize your time, and change your perspective. Put practical considerations first, and you’ll build a sense of confidence.

TAURUS Even if you’re feeling pressured into an immediate response, give yourself time to consider your options. A thoughtful response will shift the outcome.

GEMINI Apply a practical perspective toward your financial obligations. You don’t have to be frugal; you just need to be aware of what you spend and why.

CANCER Frame the situation as a struggle of values — yours versus those of your significant other, friend, or lover. Either way, this is an opportunity for greater clarity regarding what binds you to one another.

LEO Contemplate how to handle your innate generosity. Remember, giving without expectation of a return keeps the heart honest and happy.

VIRGO Practical concerns override sensitive and romantic sensibilities, but don’t use that as an excuse to ignore your heart. Acknowledge your feelings, even if you choose not to act.

LIBRA Your life is all about relationships, especially those you need in order to feel secure. Take the time to know your needs and you’ll create the perfect relationship — with yourself.

SCORPIO Refuse to take sides, and your neutrality will solve a multitude of problems. Be clear and direct and you’ll create a win/win solution.

SAGITTARIUS Although you’re inclined to resist new information about your existing finances, you can make tangible gains through a thoughtful, well-grounded plan.

CAPRICORN It would be wise to remember that while relationships can be the most difficult work we encounter in a lifetime, they can also be the most gratifying.

AQUARIUS Whether it’s through meditation or dreams, your unconscious is sending you important information. Even if these messages don’t make sense, contemplate what their value might be.

PISCES Don’t let differences of opinion over insignificant matters corrupt positive relationships with co-workers. Be empathetic and you’ll build a foundation for healthy compromise.


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