.This One Goes Out to All the Nerds

On Friday the 13th Valleywag announced the winners of Silicon Valley’s “20 hottest startups poll.” (Winner: Facebook.com by a landslide.) Last week, we pointed out that a couple of the names in the running weren’t anywhere near the South Bay, most notably Oakland’s Pandora, which came in at #14, and iStockphoto, which is all the way the heck out there in Canadia. Well, turns out we’re not the only nitpicker out there — a poster to the site pointed out that fully a quarter of the top 20 winners aren’t based in the Valley, including real estate site Zillow (Seattle), music-based networking site Last.fm (London), online TV site Joost.com (New York, plus 3 offices in Europe) and shoe retailer Zappos.com, which hails from Henderson, Nevada, and as even Valleywag points out, was founded in 1999, well before Web 2.0 was a gleam in anyone’s eye. On second thought, though, it’s kind of nice that thanks to the Interwebs, you don’t have to actually be in the Valley to, you know, be in the Valley.


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