The Urge to Move

For the week of March 7-13, 2012.

It’s a wacky week, here on Planet Earth, with so many ups and downs and back-and- forths that simply surviving the multidimensional psychic flux requires surrendering any notion of “normal.” The planets are challenging the status quo, and as a result, many situations as well as states of mind regularly taken for granted simply evaporate at the touch (a condition that continues for the next several weeks). The good news is that life is exciting. But it’s also exhausting, especially as the constantly changing terrain makes it feel as if nothing is “for sure.” Learning to live comfortably in a state of uncertainty is always a huge challenge to hearts as well as minds. And for the next several weeks (really, several months) many of us will be facing just such a challenge as we work our way through an elaborate maze of personal and planetary transformation.

The epicenter of the wackiness is Uranus, in Aries, conjunct Mercury, also in Aries, as Mercury prepares to go retrograde on March 12. Uranus, the planet of sudden shifts, is infamous for catalyzing stagnant patterns. Mercury, the planet of all things mental, includes within its vast domain language, communication, commerce, and travel. During a retrograde phase, as Mercury seemingly retraces its path, regular routines go slightly screwy, especially this retrograde which runs currently with the ongoing Mars Retrograde. Mercury’s retro-review process is often experienced as interference, tangible and intangible, which poses problems in the invisible realms, as well as the actual day-to-day reality. Be prepared for everything from hardware to software, cell phones to landlines, Twitter to parcel post to experience snafus. Back up everything. Then, back it up again.

But also be prepared for Uranus to turn this retrograde into something completely different. First, we haven’t had to wait for the exact start of Mercury Retrograde to feel its effect — some people think it started last week. What’s more, Uranus is such a powerful force for innovation that even expecting the unexpected won’t be enough preparation for what we are likely to witness during the coming week, as many of us experience complete reversals of attitudes and goals. Don’t be dismayed if you’re tempted to ignore the Mercury Retrograde warning not to start anything new, and instead, feel the desire and passion to simply follow your bliss. Aries is the Sign of the pioneer, after all, and when Uranus stimulates that already adventurous spirit, the impulse to act is likely to override any warning to stay put.

The urge to move is also motivated by a unique grand trine between a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, in Taurus, Mars (and just for today, the Moon conjunct Mars, in Virgo), and Pluto, in Capricorn, all in Earth Signs, and all working together to help support extraordinary accomplishments, individual and collective. This grand trine is quite brilliant — literally, you can already see the Venus/Jupiter in the night sky. The power of this radiant configuration cannot be stifled, controlled, or curtailed. It symbolizes the power of the heart and the fundamental joy of love. Use it to manifest your heart’s desire, and to stand strong on the ground of what really matters most to you.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You have a unique opportunity to watch your words work magic, so be careful and conscious of what you say. Refuse to waste this moment on an unrealistic wish list, and instead, use your creative power wisely.

TAURUS Trust your values, especially your idea of beauty and order, and you’ll effortlessly create an alignment between your internal and external worlds. This isn’t about being better than you are; it’s about being all that you are.

GEMINI Despite the snafus of the retrograde, there are opportunities for a profound experience of an abiding calm. Use those moments to replenish your reserves and soothe your nervous system.

CANCER Conversations with significant others, as well as important members of your community, have the power to shift you into an entirely different frame of mind. Seize the moment, and allow yourself to transform.

LEO There are real, tangible (and legal) opportunities to create greater financial stability, so don’t squander this moment on resentments or regrets. Simply say, “yes” to improving your situation.

VIRGO While the situation is fluid, you’re solidly grounded in the ability to find solutions, which is why it is so easy for you to assume the leadership role. Wear it well, and others will appreciate your wisdom.

LIBRA Stay present, trust your inner calm, and no matter what the situational fluctuations of various relationships might be you’ll be able to handle the changes with skill.

SCORPIO Work-related circumstances continue to feel volatile, but hidden beneath that seeming instability are serious opportunities for you to demonstrate your expertise. Instead of holding back, hold forth.

SAGITTARIUS Read Leo and Aries, above, and add this: Step into the spotlight, and own your desire to succeed. Be willing to work like crazy to implement your plans, and you’ll eventually be pleased with the results.

CAPRICORN Experience the joy of being in your element and feeling supported in your efforts to be practical and pragmatic. Then put that joy to good use creating order wherever there is a need to neutralize chaos.

AQUARIUS Even if you disagree with the opinions, stay open to collaboration. If you find a way to neutralize opposing points of view, you’ll find a way to enhance your creativity.

PISCES The mission, should you accept it, is putting together a plan that will soothe warring factions, internal and external. Peace is a wonderful idea; actualizing it takes determination and consistent effort.

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