The Times They’re Gonna Change

For the week of March 24- 30, 2010.

Several realities converge this week, so don’t be surprised if you feel on the verge of being overwhelmed. Not only are we still in the midst of a seasonal shift, accommodating different daylight hours and adapting to new daily routines, but we are also completing our adjustment to Mars Direct, which means we can finally relinquish the need to finish every postponed project immediately. But that’s not the entire story; the core of this week’s intensity isn’t only about transitions occurring in present time. This week is also a threshold between what was and what will be. For as this and the next few weeks unfold, we begin several months of major planetary interactions, all of which tilt the axis of daily life, personal and collective, in a new and generally unforeseen direction. And although these changes still lie in the future, sensitive nervous systems can already feel the gravitational pull. So don’t be surprised if you or someone close to you seems inappropriately emotional. What at first glance may seem like an extreme reaction may actually be in tune with the deeper undercurrents of change that lie ahead.

This week: Several interactions coalesce to make it the week of living ambitiously. The ongoing Sun/Mars trine continues to provide the desire and determination to overcome any obstacles to success, no matter how difficult or dangerous. Saturn sextiles Mars, supporting those industrious endeavors, but Saturn also opposes the Sun, which could inhibit some of the Sun’s vibrant creativity. Unfortunately, this Sun/Saturn opposition collides with a Sun/Pluto square, a configuration that could encourage choosing ruthless means as a way of achieving your goals. Be patient, be kind, and don’t exert undue pressure on yourself or those you love to get the job done at any cost. In the long run, the results won’t be worth squandering your reputation or good will.

The coming weeks: On April 26, we will experience the fourth Saturn/Uranus opposition, and the last one in this series to occur in the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces. This opposition began in the fall of 2008 with the financial crisis. No regulations have been put in place to ensure that the same scenario won’t repeat itself, which means we’re not out of the woods yet. I’m not predicting another crash; I’m simply noting that we haven’t penetrated the causal level of our current condition.

Jupiter joins this opposition in May, as it moves into a conjunction with Uranus that is exact on June 10 at Zero Aries. But before that occurs, there is an exact Jupiter/Saturn opposition on May 23. And on May 27, Uranus moves into Aries. But that’s not all: On July 26, the fifth and final Saturn/Uranus opposition occurs, also at Zero Aries. This litany of planetary events is as complex as it sounds, and over the coming weeks, this column will probe the potential meaning of all these interactions in depth. I’m only sharing the details this week to affirm what many are already feeling: Profound changes lie ahead.

As you ponder the future, remember that each of us plays a role in what happens next. We can dread the coming changes, and mire ourselves in fear and ignorance. Or we can be pro-active, and continue to search for innovative solutions to our shared situation.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Rise to the challenge and be determined to channel your creativity into areas in need of rehabilitation. Your willingness to examine and release old attitudes will make it easier to maintain a positive outlook.

TAURUS Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Not every desire will be satisfied, but the clarity of knowing what you want and why will have a positive effect.

GEMINI Try not to say more than necessary, but don’t get too mad at yourself if your reticence fails. Sometimes, some things just need to be said aloud.

CANCER Opportunities for success continue, but making the most of them may require you to release a previously tried and true position. Opt for a new approach, and watch the positive chain reaction.

LEO Allow your natural charisma to shine brightly — be your charming, generous self. But remember, the best leaders inspire by example.

VIRGO Worrying about the outcome will only exacerbate your stress. Do everything you can to strengthen your position, then let go and allow the situation to unfold.

LIBRA The emphasis is still on relationships of all types, but this week the focus is on friendship. Contemplate what you value most in a friend and then strive to embody those qualities.

SCORPIO Career opportunities offer the potential to be seen at your best. Be clear, direct, and intentional, and you’ll not only make a positive impression, but also be recognized for your talents.

SAGITTARIUS You must decide: Be miserable about your situation, or seek gratitude as a remedy for despair. Sounds like a no-brainer, but choosing may be more complicated than you think.

CAPRICORN Your inclination is to retreat until you can replenish your reserves. Trust your intuition and give yourself time to relax, rest, and restore your naturally calm demeanor.

AQUARIUS You’re still clarifying your perspective on several relationships, personal and professional. If you take your time and carefully work through the facts, you’ll arrive at a fair and accurate assessment.

PISCES While your workload is increasing, so is your salary, and that is a good enough reason to say “yes.” Don’t worry, you won’t be an indentured servant forever. You’re just making the best of an opportunity.


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