The State of the State of the Union

If you watched the State of the Union speech last night, (even if you did it while playing the drinking game), you may be wondering how the prez’ performance went over with California’s congressfolk, especially the ones from the East Bay. Well, let’s say the local reviews were not glowing, according to the reaction statements released on their Web sites.

    * Barbara Lee: “Tonight we saw a deeply unpopular president struggling to remain relevant and succeeding only in proving how out of touch he is with the American people.”

    * Ellen Tauscher: “Trust is no longer an option, we need to see action, and the only actions I find acceptable are those that get our troops home sooner and safer. The president has recklessly dug us into a hole, and he won’t stop digging. My colleagues and I heard the call of the American people, and we want the president to change course and deliver the changes they want, not the same failed policies he continues to advocate.”

    * Pete Stark: “For the most part, President Bush delivered tonight’s State of the Union in a state of denial. I’m glad it’s his second-to-last.”

    * Dianne Feinstein: “His speech lacked any sense of a new direction. It was same old, same old, stay the course. And in that respect, despite the hyperbole and the call to patriotism, it was very disappointing.”

    * Barbara Boxer: “For me, the president’s speech was more notable for what he didn’t say on global warming than what he did say. When you get to the bottom line, there are no hard caps, no enforcement mechanisms, and we aren’t even going to start reversing the increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector for 10 years.”

    * Jerry McNerney: [*Sound of crickets chirping.* There’s not much up on yet — guess he’s still getting settled in.]


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