The Sky Is Falling

For the week of July 14-20, 2010.

Rumor and hearsay clog the psychic switchboard this week and next, as each day moves us closer to the fifth and final exact Saturn/Uranus opposition on July 26. And because the atmosphere is so crowded with situations in need of resolution, lots of people — not just astrologers — are making predictions about what’s going to happen next. Whether you are positioned on the right or the left, the top or the bottom, with the believers or the non-believers, you’re likely feeling as if something — anything — has got to give. The unrelenting intensity of recent months is coalescing into a communal Henny Penny moment: No matter your perspective, the sky is falling.

You can substitute “stock market,” “home sales,” “health care,” “immigration,” “unemployment benefits,” “Obama,” “marriage,” or “job” for the bits of sky bumping your head, and conclude that we must be at the end; it’s simply a matter of time until everything falls apart. Of course, none of the prognosticators knows exactly how much time we have, and forecasts run the gamut from now until December 2012 and beyond (I’m beginning to think of 2012 cosmophobia as the “Mayan Revenge”). It also seems that “the end is at hand,” or what I like to call the “Henny Penny Syndrome,” has been around for quite some time. Back in 1945, Lightning Hopkins called it the “Henny Penny Blues” when he sang, They panic when they listen to the news/They think the sky is falling and we’re all about to die. Sixty-five years later, many of us are still singing that song. And why not, given that so much is crumbling around us?

Just to be fair, we are in the midst of an enormous cycle of change. The world will never be the same. So it’s not unreasonable to be anxious about everything, especially the future. The Saturn/Uranus opposition, in full force since October 2008, signifies the dissolution of the status quo, and when existing structures — banks, governments, or a sea as vast as the Gulf of Mexico — dissolve before our eyes, it’s hard to feel sure of anything. For those among us who still can’t adjust to the idea that the President of the United States is black, it must feel as if the very foundations of life are disintegrating daily. The new racial paradigm is simply too much to bear. If you couple that prejudice with the steady disintegration of education over the last several decades, it’s possible to glimpse why there is so much resistance to change. The epidemic of ignorance has been so pervasive and we have been living with it for so long that it has taken this long for us to see its damaging effect. The challenges we face require a keen and penetrating intellect to solve the multidimensional puzzle of our current condition.

As the coming weeks unfold, rather than singing the “Henny Penny Blues,” use your mind to sift through the barrage of predictions. Don’t give your power away to anyone or anything — including the stars. Instead, think about what is ending in your life, specifically the dissolution and disintegration of both personal and collective structures. Notice where you are clinging to or grieving for those systems. Then imagine what life would be like if you let go and allowed a true transformation.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Think about your relationship structures and about whether your expectations are realistic. This is not about dialing back or dialing down, but about knowing what you need and why.

TAURUS Maybe it’s time to rethink the meaning of “service,” particularly if you are equating helping others with personal sacrifice. Sacrifice isn’t always about loss; its original meaning is “to make sacred.”

GEMINI Turn your social paradigm upside down and consider altering your role: If you are a follower, become a leader; if you give, start receiving. Notice what’s uncomfortable and you’ll know where to grow.

CANCER The paradigm shift occurs along the axis of your internal and external worlds. On one end, you long for the solitude of inner space, but on the other, there are too many career opportunities for you to ignore.

LEO How expansive is your world? Is it your neighborhood? Your city? Country? Hemisphere? Globe? Solar System? Universe? Or an infinite cosmos? The size of your life is up to you and is determined by your mindset.

VIRGO True value is never measured in money. Recognize yourself as your greatest asset and you will gain access to unlimited resources.

LIBRA Finding and maintaining balance in relationships is an essential part of life, but for you it is a mission — especially when it comes to establishing equality that respects individual needs and desires.

SCORPIO Contemplate the relationship between thought and action, and you’ll not only gain insight into the power of intention; you’ll also increase your skill at manifestation.

SAGITTARIUS Think about what might be keeping you from actualizing your creativity. This process is not about turning a gift into a product. Rather, it’s about enjoying and appreciating your talent.

CAPRICORN Rather than deny your desire to be recognized by your peers, acknowledge it. Then let that self-awareness blossom into a true understanding of what dictates some of your decisions.

AQUARIUS Share your heart without hesitation, and your joy will increase exponentially. Not every encounter will be earth-shaking, but they will all be authentic.

PISCES Even though you already think you know what matters most to you and why, think again. Then write it down, so that no matter how intense or complicated life becomes, you will always stand in your truth.


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