The Political Ad Against Political Ads

Here’s one for the irony file: the Yes on 89 campaign’s political ad about the evils of … political ads. Titled “Stop the Pounding,” it urges the passage of Prop. 89, which would limit corporate contributions to ballot initiatives to $10,000, and, its supporters argue, curb the enormous influence of the often out-of-state oil companies, drugmakers, and tobacco-pushers who dominate California’s political funding. “Rich politicians, political parties and lobbyists keep pounding you with lies, distortions and half-truths, day after day, with millions of dollars of ads, until you believe their lies or get beaten down and decide to stay home and not vote,” the ad’s narrator complains, as onscreen an assemblyline of working-class types is relentlessly propelled through a giant stomping machine. Well, true enough. But it might be easier to get over the irony of the anti-ad-ad — gotta fight fire with fire, right? — if the group doing the press releases for it and posting it to YouTube wasn’t the California Nurses’ Association, which, while certainly not corporate and almost always politically benevolent, is no slouch when it comes to lobbying. Remember how they took on Arnie’s special election in 2005 and won?

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