The Perfect Storm

For the week of March 9-15, 2011.

The mad, nearly manic rush of the last several weeks continues. While it may be hard to believe, the seemingly unrelenting sense of urgency actually seems to intensify this week. It’s hard to know exactly when the mad rush began: Was it Jupiter’s move into Aries that upped the pace? The final pass of Uranus through the last degrees of Pisces, encouraging hearts and minds to squeeze as much as possible into as many moments as were available? Or is it Uranus’ entry into Aries that’s generating such a powerful field of constant activity? Perhaps it’s an aggregation of all these events. But whether it’s a single cause or many, one thing is sure: The wild ride of daily life is gaining momentum. Expect to feel pressed for all sorts of things — time, money, words, or breath. The good news is that an odd sensation of rising to the occasion will support most endeavors.

Uranus moves into Aries on March 11, and as it starts a new cycle, so do we. Uranus signifies kinetic energy, especially the dynamic motion of change. Aries represents volition expressed through action, particularly in activities motivated by passion, ambition, and desire. And the power of their combined presence tends to manifest as a quickening of stagnant issues, personal or collective. As that urge for action combines with the drive of a new cycle, you may want to reevaluate those New Year resolutions. Go ahead — spring is a fine time to celebrate a new beginning, and the vernal equinox is only a few days away.

All new cycles have signatures of adventure and anxiety, and this one is no different. Uranus is an erratic, unpredictable force, and Aries, while not necessarily unpredictable or erratic, can be impatient, tempestuous, and rash. These are the very qualities that often land Aries in the thick of controversy, defending choices and positions that seem a bit extreme to the rest of us. But it is important to remember, first, that we all have Aries somewhere in our birth chart, and second, that without Aries’ need to forge new pathways, few of us would ever leave the comfort of what’s known for the thrill of the unknown.

Also keep in mind that new cycles tend to excite old habits — it’s almost as if certain themes you thought were long gone make a momentary, and often splashy, comeback. Don’t despair if you find yourself caught in an onslaught of old behaviors or attitudes. Be confident, face the challenge of transformation, and understand that the persistent red threads of karmic patterns appear at every significant juncture. And this new Uranus cycle is going to offer a plethora of opportunities to face those areas that still suffer from a lack of awareness.

As you move through the next several weeks of adjusting to the new signature, do your best to remember that all of us will be experiencing this new frequency — which means all of us are going to need more than a little tenderness. Do your best to make kindness your default setting.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Uranus feeds your need to break free from whatever seems to be holding you back. Just remember: It isn’t necessary to burn every bridge on the path to independence. Some situations, while inhibiting, may also provide necessary training.

TAURUS Uranus moves you into a deep internal phase, and while that doesn’t mean you’re going to be anti-social, you are apt to experience an increased need for contemplative time allowing for greater self-awareness.

GEMINI Uranus encourages you to become more actively engaged in your community. It makes no difference whether your participation is through volunteering or contributing; what’s important is that you’re involved.

CANCER Uranus focuses your attention on career concerns, and as part of that process you’re probing new avenues of employment. Be bold and adventurous, and you’ll be pleased with what you discover about yourself.

LEO Uranus expands your consciousness, and while you might think this is about drugs, it’s more about the exploration of new belief systems. When possible, let go of the tried-and-true and you’ll set your mind and soul free.

VIRGO Uranus provokes an innovative approach to finance, especially if you’re willing to let go of old habits that might be keeping you mired in debt. I’m not promising a miracle cure, but there is the possibility of improvement.

LIBRA Uranus insists on a new understanding of relationship, and while you may think this has to do with others, the transformation begins with you. Start this process by considering how you could take better care of yourself.

SCORPIO Uranus stimulates startling developments in the workplace. Flexibility is the key to accepting these surprising plot twists and handling them with skill.

SAGITTARIUS Uranus arouses a need for uninhibited self-expression. From declaration of love to portraits in oil to songs written, sung, and played in the key of “me,” be willing to risk it all by being yourself.

CAPRICORN Uranus disturbs your home, internal and external, triggering issues of safety and security. There’s no need to be anxious, but every need to figure out how to create greater equanimity.

AQUARIUS Uranus is all about the conversation, and that means you are talking — a lot. Whether it’s monologues or dialogues, you’re engaged in an exchange of innovative ideas that’s certain to be growth-producing.

PISCES Uranus opens up issues of value, from m-o-n-e-y to self-esteem and everything in between. Discard old negative spending habits as well as old ways of assessing your gifts, and you’ll move toward a deeper sense of ultimate worth.


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