.The People and Corporations Behind Perata’s Peacekeepers

As noted in today’s Full Disclosure, state Senate boss Don Perata has created a new non-profit, Peacekeepers, which he says will help quell violence in Oakland and Richmond. The group started sending out mailers earlier this month. Though Peacekeepers is new, the list of people and corporations behind it includes several longtime, heavy contributors to Perata. They include: CBS Outdoor/Viacom Outdoor, the nation’s largest billboard owner; the DeSilva Group, which is owned by Perata’s top East Bay contributor, Ed DeSilva; Ron Cowan, owner of Doric Realty of Alameda; and Jon Reynolds, partner with developer Signature Properties in the giant Oak-to-Ninth condo development on Oakland’s waterfront. After the jump, click for scanned images from the Peacekeepers mailers.
Peacekeepers Image 1

Peacekeepers Image 2

Peacekeepers Image 3


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