The Nobodys

Less Hits More Tits (Hopeless)

Then there’s the Nobodys back here in America, who wish they could stir up good trashy punk like the Gasoline, but with the stupid shit these guys write songs about, they just sound like a bunch of meatheads who play their guitars real fast. As if the title and cover graphic wasn’t enough of a warning, these boys like tits (duh), though it’s a wonder they get close to any real (or fake) ones with records like this. The Nobodys’ lobotomized breakdown of the sexes has been flogged limp, but they continue humping old stereotypes with choruses like “Girls wanna talk/ Guys wanna fuck” and songs about some chick who will “fuck everyone but she won’t fuck me.” While big dumb punk songs about sex, coke, booze, and AC/DC still kinda works for a couple of the “white trash=funny” leftover acts, the Nobodys are bottom feeders for ideas, wallowing in songs about getting laid for way too long for anyone to care. The sad thing is, the Nobodys actually play catchy high-speed punk that could give them a quick in with the cowboy hats ‘n’ tats crowd, but lyrically they’re still too stuck in the frat bunker for anyone to wait around for their brains to work as fast as their hands.

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