.The Express Just Got Express-er: Introducing Pedal-Powered News Delivery

Pedal Express, a local, worker-owned bike courier service delivers the Express throughout downtown Oakland.

Here at the Express, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best news, culture, and arts stories in the East Bay. In addition, as an independent, local business, we also strive to help improve the East Bay economy and environment. The latest way we’re achieving that mission started today. Pedal Express, a local, worker-owned bike courier service helped us deliver the Express throughout downtown Oakland.

As companies such as Google, Amazon, and eBay continue to clog up city streets with their same-day delivery vans, we’re especially excited to help bring back bike courier culture and to bolster eco-friendly ways of delivering you the paper you know and love.

Be on the lookout for these dashing, pedal-powered messengers. And, as usual, be sure to pick up your copy of the Express each and every Wednesday at one of 700 locations around the bay.


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