.Strength in Numbers

For the week of March 2-8, 2011.

It’s another week of astral intensity, and as always, when the planets stir earthly waters, emotional bodies tend toward hyper-reactivity. There’s no easy way through these troubled waters; the best bridge over or around them is the willingness to acknowledge and confront whatever obscures creative solutions to the very real problems they represent. As part of this process, some may encounter psychological demons that persistently inhibit free expression. Others may meet mercenaries hired to hold back the freedom of others. But whether the despots are internal or external, moving forward means removing them from power and requires spending your time and energy wisely. For still more, dealing with surprising twists of fate that turn the Wheel of Life in an entirely new direction might be the biggest challenge of all. We are at the end of one planetary cycle and the beginning of another, a time of profound transition whose signature is manifesting as a multitude of crises, personal and collective, that cannot be ignored or denied. It takes a strong heart and a strong soul to face impediments to progress, so do whatever it is you do to hold steady and true.

The source of emotional intensity is a concentration of planets — the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and, from approximately March 3 through 6, the Moon — in Pisces, a Sign known for its expanded capacity for feeling. Translation: Expect to be touched by all sorts of tender stories. Consider this aggregation an astrological farewell to Uranus, which enters Aries on March 11.

From an entirely different perspective, this planetary lineup exacerbates the already turbulent last days of Uranus in Pisces, which seem to be characterized by so many revolutions it’s hard to keep track. In Madison, a poignant iteration of Tahrir Square is taking place, as public employees take a stand for their rights. This protest is fascinating for two reasons: First, this is where the consequences of the Tea Party and its campaign to bamboozle voters by playing on their emotions are finally laid bare. The hype has dictated that this is the party of ordinary people committed to taking back their country and putting an end to big government. Now, as the role of the Koch brothers is revealed, we have even more evidence of a different, more sinister intention. Second, Wisconsin is the birthplace of Bob La Follette, representative, governor, and senator from Wisconsin, who recognized the danger of corporations dictating government policy early on and stood against corporate rule. It seems fitting that this next phase of confrontations between corporations and workers should take place in Madison. What’s more, the University of Madison was one of the first college campuses to hold protests against the war in Vietnam in the Sixties. Those protests were the seeds of a much bigger antiwar movement that gained traction during the exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction that occurred from 1965-66.

When Uranus moves into Aries in a few days, we will cross the threshold into several years of Uranus/Pluto squares that will occur between June 2012 and March 2015. What’s happening now, at the end of this Uranian cycle, sets the stage for what lies ahead. There’s no need to be afraid of these changes, and every reason to learn from them.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The best results will come from teamwork, so even if you’re tempted to go out on your own, consider this: No one is an island. All of us rely on each other, consciously or not, to get through the days.

TAURUS Contemplate how you can share your gifts with your world without suffering the consequences of overextension. Here’s some help: Instead of being useful, try simply being you.

GEMINI Shine the light of your insight, brightly, and explore all the data, even if some of it is sticky and makes you uncomfortable. The truth will always lead to freedom.

CANCER Clarity of mind and heart are essential to making the right choice at the right time. Do whatever it is you do to maintain a clear vision of your priorities.

LEO Maintaining an optimistic approach to all areas of life isn’t always easy, but if you remember how your attitude determines your perspective, you’ll stay focused on a positive vision.

VIRGO You’ve been in a seven-year relationship intensive that’s sure to have changed how you related to everyone, including yourself. Take stock of what you’ve learned and you won’t forget it.

LIBRA You already know you’re on the verge of an extensive relationship overhaul, but you may also be anxious about what lies ahead. Rather than fret over the future, continue to concentrate on what you’ve learned.

SCORPIO Put aside any inclination toward pessimism, and instead focus your attention on finding the opportunities for growth hidden in the tumult.

SAGITTARIUS Nothing is as constant as change, and if you learn to live comfortably with life’s inherent uncertainty, you will find the key to maintaining your innate appetite for life.

CAPRICORN Your premonitions about the future could contain a grain of truth, but before you can appreciate your insight, you have to refine your natural proclivity to expect the worst.

AQUARIUS Resist the temptation to let money matters take care of themselves, and instead continue to focus your attention on the whys and hows of your spending.

PISCES Just like last week, the best way through what might be several more unexpected plot twists is simply to keep breathing. Deeply. Stay open to surprises and you’ll stay open to opportunity.


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