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For the week of June 15-21, 2011.

The veils between conscious and unconscious realities continue to be quite transparent this week, and as they billow in the breezes of yet another eclipse, information long stored in the shadow of the unconscious continues to be revealed. I know this sounds all too familiar, and I can only wonder (along with you) what additional information could possibly bubble to the surface of daily life.

Without doubt, the revelations on the public stage have been more than a little disturbing. Really, can you believe all the sex scandals? Weinergate inspired the following solution: A fifteen-minute reality TV show where politicians, and other celebrities so inclined, could just whip out their “junk” for all those who might be interested in taking a look. Viewers could record or download the images, and the rest of us would be spared another news cycle based on the peculiar conceit of cultural demigods that they are exempt from the consequences of the digital age, where nothing — not one little thing — is private. It’s not the desire to send the pictures that’s the most disturbing to me (although it is troubling); it’s the stupidity of thinking you won’t get caught.

For us mere mortals, the revelations of the week are likely to be more emotional than scandalous, as deep feelings hidden in the unconscious or repressed by denial continue to spill over into conscious life. During today’s lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow and causing the Moon to lose its light. This is often interpreted as conscious concerns overriding unconscious drives and desires — but not this time. We are too close to the Solar Eclipse of July 1, and its powerful emotional signature, for the unconscious to take a backseat.

Mercury figures prominently in this lunar eclipse — it’s conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon — and because Mercury signifies language and communication, conversation and dialogue drive the emotional intensity of this week’s revelations. Expect confessions from lots of unexpected places: ex-wives or ex-husbands, long-lost lovers, children, mothers, fathers, neighbors, or childhood friends you thought you’d never hear from again. Anticipate being taken aback by some of what is said, even if you suspected those feelings were there all along. Some of these revelations will be delicate, so make every effort to be kind. As you speak your truth or listen to another tell his or hers, keep in mind that difficult as it might be for you to hear what’s being said, it may be just as or more difficult for the person delivering the information to find the courage to communicate. Be aware: Because this lunar eclipse occurs at 24 degrees of Sagittarius, a degree Pluto occupied from February through May 2005, during December 2005, and from July through early November 2006, some of what’s expressed could reach back to situations that occurred during that time frame.

Wherever you find yourself this week, it’s likely to be in the midst of an emotional convergence, where feelings from the past merge with desires of the moment to create questions about the future. As you navigate this transformational portal, try to remember that the unconscious is ultimately user-friendly, and when viewed that way, offers tremendous support for soul growth.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES A deluge of information is likely to challenge your capacity to cope with change. Just remember: You have the strength and the determination to integrate the data and move forward.

TAURUS Allow new information to reveal creative solutions to several financial situations in need of positive remedy. This isn’t about magical thinking (although sometimes magic works); it’s about making it real.

GEMINI Information about several relationships, and not just romantic ones, has the power to shift your point of view on key issues. Stay flexible as you digest the data, and you’ll maintain your equilibrium.

CANCER Devoting yourself to helping others will help you to create greater internal clarity and peace of mind. Rather than worrying about making the right choice, just roll up your sleeves and get to work.

LEO Try not to let disturbing information interfere with your creative process. Simply stay focused on the moment, and you will be inspired about how to deal with the situation.

VIRGO The challenge is figuring out how to create greater harmony between your personal and professional worlds. Rather than resent the new information, allow it to help you gain a new perspective.

LIBRA There’s no need to fret about appearing awkward. Trust in the truth of your heart, release the need to control the outcome, and allow the situation to unfold in its own time.

SCORPIO Anxiety about your financial condition won’t do much to shift you into a positive direction. What’s required to heal the situation is a clear understanding of how to take solid steps toward stability.

SAGITTARIUS Be prepared for relationship revelations, yours or others’, but don’t expect all that’s shared to be negative. Just because it’s new information doesn’t mean it’s bad.

CAPRICORN You think it’s a conflict between your internal and external realities, but the solution is not as simple as choosing one side or the other. The remedy lies in finding a synthesis.

AQUARIUS There’s no need to act precipitously, especially if you are reacting emotionally. Instead of jumping to hasty conclusions, give the situation time to unfold at its own pace.

PISCES Even if new information about your relationships, personal or professional, alters your understanding of the situation and makes you uncomfortable, welcome the change of perspective and let it make you stronger.


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