.Solar Eclipse Spells Stress

For the week of June 29-July 5, 2011.

The celestial hustle and bustle of last week spills over into this week, and terrestrial activities continue to mirror heavenly interactions. Don’t be surprised if you feel more than a little overextended as you try to handle myriad demands, some self-imposed and some simply the day-to-day requirements of regular routines. Just be aware: Daily life is infused with strong emotional undercurrents capable of turning mundane tasks into mighty melodramas that require Herculean efforts of the heart. We are in the thrall of a powerful solar eclipse on July 1, and while the strength of its force field has already insinuated itself into daily life, as we approach and withdraw from the actual event, many of us are likely to feel the increased depth of its influence. This eclipse intensity translates into anxiety (real to imagined) about the past, the present, and the future. Do your best to quell concerns by trying to remember that change is the only constant, and that on this planet, growth is always possible.

Eclipses symbolize a disruption in the normal order of things. Day turns into night, and from an astrological perspective, when the Moon or the emotional body overshadows the Sun, feelings override logic. One of the defining features of an eclipse is the tendency for impulsive reactions to override carefully considered strategies.

What distinguishes this solar eclipse, and makes its effect more powerful than others, are the other planetary participants. A square between Uranus and Pluto — the astral agents of change — plays a significant role. When Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, we entered the stream of this interaction. Aries is the Sign of individuation. Uranus is the planet of revolution. And when Uranus transits Aries, individual need tends to overpower collective concerns. Pluto is in Capricorn, the Sign of authority and societal structures. Squares indicate abrasive friction that almost always manifests as conflict. One way among many ways (and there is plenty of time to explore most of them) of understanding this square is to frame it as a challenge to systems that no longer reflect the needs and concerns of the many. We tend to think of government and society as having a life of its own — a life that most of us imagine is more powerful than our own — and forget that society is comprised of individuals. We co-create collective reality just as we co-create personal reality. And as the power of this square reveals itself, even more of us will be questioning what kind of society we want to co-create.

Friday’s eclipse occurs in Cancer, putting the focus on issues of safety and security, particularly financial security, personal and collective. It will also raise the issue of belonging, so don’t be surprised if you’re facing a deep, unsatisfied need to feel emotionally connected. Saturn, currently in Libra, the Sign of relating, squares both the Sun and the Moon, and because Saturn can often be a stern or harsh critic, there is a very real potential for that longing to belong to turn morose. Resist the temptation to wallow or to project your discomfort onto someone else. Instead, use Saturn’s discerning eye to figure out how to deconstruct any sense of isolation.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Try not to let anxiety about what you might need override common sense. Stay realistic about what’s actually necessary, and your experience of “lack” will subside.

TAURUS Conversations with significant others, personal and professional, could reveal important information. Listen closely to what’s being said, and then read between the lines for what isn’t included.

GEMINI If you are clear about your priorities, you can use this time to put your financial house in order. Use this time wisely, and your current stress levels will diminish dramatically.

CANCER It’s about finding and trusting your voice, even if what you have to say is at odds with your partner’s point of view. Remember, in a solid relationship, agreement isn’t always necessary.

LEO Imagine that you’re being dialed up to a new frequency — and that all the chatter in your head is simply static between broadcast signals — and it’s only a matter of time before you find the right station.

VIRGO Your natural desire is to be of service, which is why it’s important to focus on what you can contribute to your community and how that contribution will bring you joy.

LIBRA While you don’t think it’s possible to go deeper into your relationship needs, there is always another level to explore. Be curious about how the next piece fits, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

SCORPIO It’s a crisis of belonging that will not be easily dismissed by denial. Rather than resisting this process, move into it, with the hope of discovering how to experience a deeper connection.

SAGITTARIUS A sense of community will help relieve your anxiety. Share your creative ideas with friends and associates, and allow those interactions to bolster your spirit.

CAPRICORN If you stay open to the possibilities, you may discover a way to move past your preconceptions so that you can embrace the newness of your situation with genuine enthusiasm.

AQUARIUS Assume a neutral stance and you will meet the challenge of creating order in the midst of chaos. If you are clear about what’s important, your example will inspire clarity in others.

PISCES The secret of your success is simply allowing yourself to opt for the most creative solution to a wide range of “problems.” Remember, your choices only need to make sense to you.


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