Slap Hitter: Departing Yankee fans annoy everyone in Oakland

Some thoughts on the only Yankee visit to the Coliseum:

It’s great that there’s only one Yankee visit to the Coliseum.

How do they get so fucking loud without amplification? Is it from shouting for taxis that never arrive or from cursing over the sound of squealing subway cars that pass them by?

What is up with their sick Jeter-ARod thing? Why do they feel compelled to make it a competition? Can’t they enjoy two of their own players? It’s a little civil war thing that they’ve got going on over there, shouting that Jeter can’t carry ARod’s jock and that ARod doesn’t hustle. Hey, hey Yankee fans, you’re both right.

Giambi fields like he’s trying to spear a snake. That’s some comical first basemanship you got going over there New York. It makes you wonder how bad a fielder the DH must be if they have to play Giambi in the field. I want to see that guy!

Blanton always has an inning where he gives up four runs. Maybe at the first sign of a meltdown we can move him to right field, bring in a one inning reliever, then return him to the mound.

When you order a “specialty” sausage be prepared to wait. And not see the game while you wait. And not to ask for onions or peppers. It’s all or nothing baby.

Based on girls wearing Yankee gear, it’s Jeter over ARod in a landslide. Same with 6-year olds afflicted by parents who dress them as little Yankees. Yankee fans must have the whole wardrobe, they weren’t just rockin the Yankee unis, they had the road jersey specifically.

What’s up with people who arrive in the second inning and leave in the fifth? Maybe they just hate sitting in front of me?

9 innings and no vendors. Oops hope I didn’t jinx things.

Signing Happy Birthday to Hideki Matsui last night before his first at-bat shows a knowledgeable though aggravating fan base. Singing it in the top of the ninth for the fourth time is a little too much of a man crush I think.

Why did everyone cheer when the Celtics over Lakers score was flashed on the screen? Do New Yorkers like Boston better than LA? So it turns out all that Red Sox hatred is probably a put on too. Stop. Don’t. Stop. Don’t stop.

I think if I lived equal distance from Boston and New York and had to choose between being a Red Sock or Yankee fan I’d root for the Mets.

Ha, ha. You guys got Johnny Damon. You’re not going back to the World Series unless you’re buying tickets.

Guess the next time we have to see the obnoxious Yankee fans will be in 2009. Maybe it will be Matsui’s anniversary by then.— Kibby Kleiman

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