.Slap Hitter: A’s Envy the Giants

A very sad state of affairs, and not just that the San Francisco Giants whipped our green and gold behinds this month five out of six, but that right now everything they do is better than the A’s. Their young players are more promising, their veterans are starting to get it together. Their pitching is superior, their batting averages are higher. Wait, there must be something..there’s more room to spread out at our ballpark.

Even when the Giants radio signal blasted the hell out of Oakland’s, and their budget was three times ours, we always had something to hold onto. Not anymore. Our ad campaign is pathetic, sorry “p_thetic”. Their present and future is much brighter. Bad enough to lose to the Angels three years running, but c’mon we’ve always been better than the Giants. Their money made them crass, their status as the Bay’s ball team made them conservative. The A’s have had the cutting edge, the rebel vibe, the scavenger squad. But now, not so much. And now there isn’t a movie to look forward to either.

The West Bay boys are going to be in the race for the next three months. They are playing games that are going to matter. The Athletics are settling already for moral victories in relentless beatings. Yesterday’s Chron sports page showed Randy Johnson rolling towards his 400th victory, while the lede on the A’s was that Gio Gonzalez didn’t get beat too badly.

Like most A’s fans, I can kind of accept a slough of suckitude. But to endure a numbing series of dropped fly balls, and knowing that we’re never going to catch up in a ballgame in the first inning after falling behind 2-0, while the Giants march through the National League Central, that may be too much.

A’s lose, Giants win. There has got to be a better way to spend summer.— Kibby Kleiman


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