.Sixties’ Unrest Recalled by Saturn/Uranus Opposition

For the week of March 31 through April 6, 2010.

Expect catharsis to be a constant companion for the next few weeks — especially when it comes to toxic relationships that tax overwrought nervous systems. The fourth Saturn/Uranus opposition is exact on April 26, and as these two planets move into increasingly close contact, emotional bodies are going to pulsate with anticipation. For some, this fourth contact will clarify situations set in motion since the first opposition in the fall of 2008. For others, stagnant waters will become active, and while that may transform circumstances into troubled waters, one thing is certain: The status quo is shifting, like it or not. Of course, no one really needs astrology to recognize the mounting tension. The way things were is no more. But the problem is we can’t see the future; we have yet to create it. And anxiety about the uncertainty of what will be grows louder with every passing news cycle. Handling the intensity of this shift is going to take stamina and strength, particularly the type that is willing to live as consciously as possible.

This fourth Saturn/Uranus opposition is the last in a series of five exact oppositions to take place in the Mutable Signs of Virgo and Pisces. Mutable Signs are the peacemakers of the zodiac; they mitigate between the Cardinal Signs that want to leap into action and the Fixed Signs that want to hold fast to a permanent position. It is possible to see President Obama’s commitment to bi-partisanship as an expression of a Mutable Sign approach, which is a wise one because we do ultimately have to learn how to live with one another. Thus far, conciliation hasn’t worked. It has riled the right as well as the left. And the situation only seems to be getting worse.

The last series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions took place from 1965-1967, also a time of great civil unrest, and although I’ve written about this before, it bears mentioning again: That opposition occurred in the same Signs, but with reverse positions. Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Virgo. It also seems the positions of the protestors are reversed as well. In the last revolution, women and people of color united against the status quo of the white man’s system. Now, as that old system continues to fight for its life, the desperation of its last stand is clear. If you believe in evolution, a more enlightened world is inevitable. But so is resistance to the shift.

Evolution takes time, but that doesn’t mean the growth won’t happen. Transforming the toxicity of fear will test the mettle of personal and collective consciousness. Living consciously in the quicksilver atmosphere of the coming weeks and months requires a commitment to knowing that each of us has the power to change the world. It also requires one additional step: Rather than leaving it to the next person, be the one who makes the effort and tips the scale toward love.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES The reconciliation of opposites requires attuning to what unites rather than to what divides. Extreme circumstances are apt to stir extreme reactions, so do your best to stay neutral — but don’t be dismayed if you find yourself tilting toward a favorite side.

TAURUS How can you share your gift with the world without sacrificing your personal life? There is no easy answer. There is only the tried and true method of trial and error, coupled with an ever-increasing trust in your own abilities.

GEMINI You’re in the final phase of figuring out how to balance your personal and professional responsibilities, but that doesn’t make the situation a fait accompli. Continue to stay focused on all the tasks that still need to be completed.

CANCER It’s a crisis of faith, but not with a particular religion or spiritual practice. Instead, it’s about your faith in your ability to create safety and security for yourself and your loved ones.

LEO Although the lessons might have been painful, the last year and a half has been all about coming into an authentic appreciation of your true value, which can never be measured by money. Let that knowledge galvanize your next step.

VIRGO It’s been one long, non-stop relationship intensive, and you’re still in the thick of it — so rather than polarizing, criticizing, or contracting, do your best to stay open. Eventually you’ll find the calm you crave.

LIBRA The current situation is about balancing your internal and external worlds. I know the idea of balance is familiar, but establishing this equilibrium will require patience as well as skill.

SCORPIO You may be trying too hard to concretize an abstract idea. You can’t control the outcome, so rather than wasting time and energy, simply let go and allow the situation to unfold.

SAGITTARIUS Your inclination is to hide at home and get lost in trivial pursuits. Not a bad instinct, but eventually you’ll take a stand. Don’t be surprised if those who agree want you to take a leadership position.

CAPRICORN The secret to surviving the tension is staying open and able to make the necessary adjustments to belief systems that may no longer serve you well.

AQUARIUS Just like your counterpart, Leo, you’ve been learning lessons of true value. And while you may feel uncertain about just how much you’ve grown, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as the coming weeks unfold.

PISCES Regardless of your relationship status, all of your partnership patterns are shifting. Contemplate what you want your new relationships to be, then get to work living that vision.


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