Shifting Attitudes and Frequencies

For the week of November 18-24, 2009.

Saturn/Pluto Square, Part Two:

The Wheel of Life continues to move in a new direction this week,
and as it alters the course of collective destiny, the smaller wheels
of individual fate also have opportunities to adjust personal
destinies. Don’t be fooled by appearances: even if surface concerns
remain the same – money, work, health, love – attitudes
about those issues are shifting. We are in a potent transition, packed
with creative power that can be put to good use envisioning and
actualizing next steps. Be clear and precise about where you are and
what you want to do next. Also be aware, this new frequency has a
decidedly extraterrestrial feel, so don’t be surprised if you or
someone you love is dreaming about being abducted or channeling new
information from Soltac on Sirius. Galactic signatures are always a
part of consciousness shifts here on Earth, which means it’s once again
time to dust off those ET beanies, attune the antennae, and prepare to
receive the next set of instructions.

A Saturn/Pluto square is at the center of the current situation;
this configuration is the celestial equivalent of terrestrial tectonic
activity. Saturn represents foundations; Pluto, the inevitability of
change; and squares signify friction. This square, which was exact on
November 15, is actually part of a Saturn/Pluto cycle that began with a
conjunction in September 1982. I like to think of this cycle as the
astro-significator of Reaganomics, and what those economic and
political policies put in motion. All Saturn/Pluto contacts are about
contraction, and certainly the Eighties and Nineties were a period of
economic meltdown, high unemployment, and even higher interest rates
(despite the big hair); for nearly two decades the economy suffered,
with only a brief “prosperity” blip for some in the late Nineties. The
waxing square within this cycle occurred three times between March 1993
and January 1994, and by the fall of 1994, “Contract with America,”
became the mantra of the Republican agenda. The contractive force of
Saturn/Pluto reached its peak from August 2001 to May 2002, with a
series of three oppositions. We need no reminder of what that
opposition put in motion. We are still working our way through the
consequences of those years. Now we are in the last or waning square of
that cycle that began in 1982, continuing to deal the same issues
– a bad economy, usury interest rates, and even higher

Yet while it may appear as if nothing has changed, it feels as if
everything has changed — a paradox that makes me wonder what the
transformative lessons of this Saturn/Pluto cycle might be. How can I
understand its contractive force in a collective context? How can I
identify it in my personal life, and grow from it? Big questions for
big times. What I know for sure is that contraction is always followed
by expansion, and there have been huge leaps in collective and personal
consciousness over this very same cycle — just look at attitudes
toward the environment. So as this current phase of Saturn/Pluto
unfolds, ask yourself what you have learned and are continuing to learn
through the process.

One more thought: ET was also released in 1982. And while I’m
not suggesting alien invasion is the next phase in the Saturn/Pluto
cycle, I can’t help but remember ET‘s lesson to Elliot: each of
us holds the power to span the entire universe in our hearts. And love
is the most powerful agent of change.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES Staying grounded in the midst of so much intensity
won’t be easy. Make your mantra “I can feel my feet” and then, just
take life one day at a time.

TAURUS Career demands could be overwhelming, but if you
prioritize your objectives, you’ll find it easier to manage your time
and energy.

GEMINI Be direct, precise, and clear about what you want to
say. And even if others are not as diligent as you would like, don’t
let that affect your determination.

CANCER Rather than get lost in concerns about the future,
stay centered in present time. Reality may be a challenge, but that
doesn’t mean it’s impossible to change.

LEO You’re a natural leader with a knack for inspiring
others. Respect that gift, and remember, those who inspire the most in
others, lead by example.

VIRGO Rather than waste a moment of time fretting about what
will be, focus on what is and how to improve your situation. If you’re
patient, you’ll eventually arrive at your desired destination.

LIBRA Don’t be nervous if your mood swings in several
directions before you find your balance. Just accepting these
fluctuations as part of your process will help to heal your heart.

SCORPIO You’re called to internal process, but you’re really
enjoying external activities. This may sound like a riddle, but these
are not mutually exclusive realms of human life.

SAGITTARIUS Do what you do best … and talk it out. That’s
right. Apply your loquacious skill to whatever seems to rankle, and
you’ll find the peace you are looking for.

CAPRICORN Try not to let the brain worm steal your precious
mental energy. Instead of chewing compulsively on the same information,
give it a rest. The answer will eventually present itself.

AQUARIUS Rather than frame the situation as oppositional,
consider how you can create a synthesis that includes all points of
view, without losing yours.

PISCES Step into the spotlight, share your ideas, and instead
of worrying about criticism, welcome it. Staying open to feedback, even
if it is unskilled, will only help you to improve.


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