Saturn/Uranus Oppostion Bids Farewell

For the week of August 25-31, 2010.

The biggest and best news of the week: The Saturn/Uranus opposition, which began in the fall of 2008, is finally over. The not-so-good news is that we will have to deal with the consequences of its polarizing effect for quite some time. The not-so-good-but-not-so-bad news is that we are currently under the thumb of Mercury Retrograde, which we will be dealing with until September 12. As I wrote last week, compared to the unrelenting intensity of Saturn/Uranus, the communication and travel snafus of a retrograde won’t seem quite as overwhelming — which is why my instinct is to relax into Mercury Retrograde and take a break from probing the secrets of the stars. But my intuition tells me it’s important to use the retrospective lens of the retrograde to review recent events with an eye toward gaining some perspective on what nearly two years of Saturn/Uranus oppositions have wrought, especially the last five months. The sooner we start to understand and integrate the changes that have occurred, the easier it will be to apply what we’ve learned.

When the current series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions began in October 2008, we lived in a different world. Saturn/Uranus oppositions signify the dissolution of the status quo, and certainly there is no need to reiterate just how much of the status quo dissolved over the last two years. When the financial foundation of the world revealed itself to be an illusion, the security of daily life evaporated before our eyes. The material effect is obvious, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual decompensation is not as evident; over the course of the next nine to twelve months, we will be integrating the profound effect of the last two years of shift. Few of us are prepared to handle the demise of the structures and systems that organize daily life, and our response to the aftermath could resemble the stages of grief. It may take a long time to not only find solid ground, but also to find our orientation on it.

During the last five months of the final opposition, Jupiter joined the team, amplifying and magnifying the disappearance of familiar landscapes. The oil spill in the Gulf came to symbolize so many of the problems we are facing as individuals, as a nation, and as a planet. Our inability to handle our greed as well as our need has never been clearer.

The most dire consequence of all is a pernicious polarization that seems to have infected almost every aspect of life. It’s broadcast daily through the hate-mongering talk shows bent on exploiting fear and ignorance. It’s apparent in Congress, as week after week stubborn ideology overrides efforts toward a common good and decency. Division is more alluring than unity, and blame more attractive than practical solutions to unprecedented problems. When so much negativity crowds the ether, it’s hard to believe in anything or anyone. This is the worst consequence of all — losing hope that we will ever again be able to work together, despite our differences, to find solutions to our very real problems.

If we are to move forward through the next several years — which, by the way, from an astrological perspective are more intense than what we’ve just been through — we will need to find ways of healing the poison of this polarization. The world changes one heart at a time. If we all continue to work for positive, compassionate, and inclusive change, we will eventually restore our sanity.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

ARIES Despite the retrograde, tangible career gains can be made, especially if you focus on creative ways of presenting your ideas. Be bold, and you’ll access an innovative approach.

TAURUS Don’t settle for anything less than complete authenticity. Your success lies in your ability to plumb the depths so that you can recognize what’s true.

GEMINI There is something to be said for hunkering down at home and refusing to let the outside world disturb your reverie. Indulge that desire for privacy, and you’ll maintain your equilibrium.

CANCER While the winds of change may have altered the foundation of several significant relationships, genuine contact is still possible. All you have to do is reach out.

LEO Despite a busy schedule of hard work, you’re inspired to achieve excellence. So dive in to the tasks at hand with an enthusiastic attitude, and you’ll reap the rewards of success.

VIRGO You can frame it as a relationship crisis, or you can simply refuse to fight. Sounds like a no-brainer, but the intensity of battle could be hard to resist.

LIBRA Yes, home is where the heart is, and if you had ruby slippers you could click your heels and be there in a blink. But matters of the heart aren’t always that simple.

SCORPIO Spirited conversations with friends will inspire a new self-awareness. This is not about an over-inflated ego; it’s about recognizing your gifts.

SAGITTARIUS Despite real opportunities to improve your finances, all you want to do is hibernate. These tendencies are not antithetical if you work all day and sleep all night.

CAPRICORN You can’t control the outcome, so instead of forcing the issue, relax, and let the situation unfold on its own.

AQUARIUS Rather than succumb to an incessant stream of distractions, continue to work toward a broader perspective and you’ll make steady progress toward your goals.

PISCES Remain open to the astute advice of a friend, and you’ll access a new view on an old relationship issue. I’m not predicting miracles, just suggesting a new level of clarity.


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