Saturn Brings the Voice of Reality

For the week of October 28-November 3, 2009.

Saturn is the big news this week. It enters Libra on October 29, and
as it begins its new phase, we begin ours. Like any new beginning,
Saturn’s journey through Libra is ripe with imagination about what will
be, so don’t be surprised if you feel excited about what lies ahead.
Yet knowing that excitement and fright are closely aligned frequencies,
you might also feel a little apprehension about details of this next
Saturn chapter. Saturn is after all sometimes called the “Lord of
Karma;” it’s infamous for delivering the bill that divvies up credits
and debits — karmic red threads, physical, mental, emotional, or
spiritual that either still need work or are successfully refined and
transformed. And because Libra is all about relating, the emphasis will
be on relationships of every denomination, which means it would be wise
to anticipate meetings with current, recent, or long-gone lovers,
friends, and other intimate partners. Just be aware those meetings can
occur in a variety of dimensions — dreams, meditation, memories
therapy, or at the grocery store, gas station, or swap meet. No matter
where this potential for close encounters unfolds, keep in mind, your
primary relationship is with yourself, and then do your best to treat
yourself with as much loving kindness as possible.

Libra, symbolized by the scales, signifies an active process. As I
said last week, relationship works better as a verb than it does as a
noun because relating is dynamic, not static. Relationships often have
us swinging back and forth, weighing information, emotions, desires,
expectations, disappointment, uncertainty, awareness, resilience, as
well as the capacity to give and receive. Those fluctuations are often
frustrating, especially when we don’t get what we want, or confounding,
when we realize we aren’t in control. But they’re also opportunities to
live in the fundamental terrain of the heart. Relationships — all
of them — are how we live. And when we experience our reactions,
we have a chance to learn first, about ourselves, and then about
others, no matter who or what that other may be. A pet is as much a
presence in life as a calling. In Egyptian mythology, a scale was used
in the judgment of the dead. Maat, the Goddess of Law, Truth, and
Justice, would either place herself or a feather on one side of the
scale, and on the other side, the heart of the deceased. If the heart
were heavy with the weight of hate or other offenses, Ammit, “the
Gobbler,” with the crocodile head, would eat it. And that soul would
cease to exist.

A heart as light as a feather is an interesting symbol to
contemplate during Saturn’s transit through Libra, especially in
connection with partnerships, past, present, and future. It’s true …
Saturn can be a harsh taskmaster. It is the voice of reality, a voice
that never denies what needs to be learned. But even though affairs of
the heart are mostly delicate matters, with lessons sometimes painfully
hard to learn, as Saturn ventures into the deeply emotional terrain of
Libra, making a commitment to heal the wounds of the heart and lighten
the load of the soul would be a worthy goal.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES Saturn’s journey is all about finding and maintaining
your relationship balance, which of course means strengthening your
inner equilibrium. Take your time with this process and you’ll discover
deep intuitive resources.

TAURUS Saturn will stimulate a desire to make tangible
progress, particularly when it comes to work and the sacrifices made
for success. Contemplate how you can realign certain habits to produce
a better result.

GEMINI Saturn puts the emphasis on revitalizing your creative
pursuits. So dust that novel off, buy an easel, or start taking guitar
lessons. Whatever your passion is, expected that love to deepen.

CANCER Saturn is at the bottom of your psychic pond, probing
your relationship to issues of safety and security. Rather than jump to
conclusions, simply show up, be present, and let this exploration

LEO Saturn implements a new look at the day-to-day reality of
life. Don’t mistake this new perspective for a routine reorganization.
This is an opportunity to make a significant leap in how you experience

VIRGO As Saturn reforms your relationship with money, it
simultaneously explores how you value yourself. Pay attention: This is
a pole shift in self-esteem, and as the wheel turns, so will certain
key areas of your life.

LIBRA Saturn in your Sign – you already know you’re in
an identity crisis, recalibrating your relationship to yourself.
Embrace this phase and you will become even more comfortable with your
deeply passionate nature.

SCORPIO Saturn focuses on your interior world – dreams
and visions, as well as deep psychological patterns that may be
inhibiting your free expression. Be patient through this period and
you’ll emerge with strong self-awareness.

SAGITTARIUS Saturn concentrates on community, asking you to
contemplate where your gifts might be best spent in relation to your
neighborhood and social sphere. Be objective through this phase and
you’ll gain clarity and insight.

CAPRICORN Saturn zeros in on your career, insisting on
greater clarity regarding your goals. Prepare for this intensity by
reviewing where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, and where you want to

AQUARIUS Saturn’s thunderbolts of lightning illuminate the
sky of your spiritual quest. Even if you feel belief systems trembling,
this process will deepen your devotion.

PISCES Saturn provokes deep transformational processes that
turn certain aspects of your life upside down. Don’t worry: what goes
topsy-turvy isn’t random. It’s exactly what needs to change so you can

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