.RIP Wes Robinson

Metallica, Slayer, and Exodus wouldn’t be what they are without the help of Wes Robinson, a legendary promoter in Berkeley. Here’s his MySpace memorial , as well as Roadrunner Records’ obit. More memorial shows are planned. Wes, you will be missed.

MySpace obit

Ruthie’s Inn was a small club on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California that was instrumental in supporting the east bay punk scene and eventually spawned a thriving thrash/metal scene from 1983 – 1987. Many bands played their first gigs at this venue and helped pave the way and supported an incredibly vibrant community of social misfits and serious musicians who had something to say — a great venue that has established itself in the annals of punk and metal history. Wes Robinson, a visionary and infamous promoter, was responsible for providing this venerable niteclub to the second wave of new and established punk bands from Bad Brains, Dead Kennedy’s, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Flipper, MDC and DOA to Code of Honor, Verbal Abuse, Fang, Special Forces, DRI and many others. Later on, this eventually segued into a weekly ritual that showcased such seminal thrash/metal bands as Metallica, Slayer, and Exodus. Wes, now in his 70’s, is working on a documentary called “Remembering Ruthie’s Inn”. A reunion show is slated for September 23rd, 2006. There will be 12 bands, a tattoo art show, foto and vintage flier gallery, and display boards showcasing Ruthie’s Inn history. Interviews will take place and everything will be filmed for the documentary, so get ready to share some stories and meet up with some familiar faces and great bands that will take you down memory lane. All Ages Welcome. Please help spread the word. Read your bulletins for updates.

Roadrunner Obit
Wes Robinson (photo), founder of the legendary Ruthie’s Inn on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California – a mecca for San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal and punk acts in the 1980s (everyone from BAD BRAINS to SOCIAL DISTORTION, then later METALLICA, EXODUS, POSSESSED and DEATH ANGEL, played there) – passed away on December 31, 2006, reportedly after having fallen down a flight of stairs of at his studio in Oakland (although the cause of his death has not yet been officially released). Robinson was 77 years old.

Shortly before his death, Robinson was working on a documentary about Ruthie’s Inn, featuring footage shot at a Ruthie’s Inn “reunion show” (flyer), which took place on September 23, 2006 at Nimby Warehouse in Oakland. Performers at the concert included FANG, NO ALTERNATIVE, SOCIAL UNREST, VERBAL ABUSE, ALL TIME HIGHS, ARNOCORPS, STONE VENGEANCE, and PROUDFLESH.


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