.Richmond Begins Grand Re-Opening of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

The embattled City of Richmond used to be a hub of the world’s finest wine – until alcohol prohibition choked that off. Almost a century later, the city’s fine medical cannabis seemed like it would be next to succumb. Dispensaries like Seven Stars Holistic Healing Center and Ken Estes’ GDP Collective won serious awards, only to be shut down or chased out of town on pain of lawsuit.

Water under the bridge, as they say.

In December, Richmond approved business permits for three dispensaries: Compassionate Care Collective DBA Greenheart; Green Remedy Collective; and Greenleaf Natural Wellness. On Wednesday, March 21, the council approved three more. With a population of 103,701, that equals one dispensary per 17,283 people, meaning Richmond residents, per capita, will have some of the best access this state can offer to some of the best medical cannabis in the world; a life-saver of a drug for those with cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, M.S., epilepsy, chronic pain and other serious problems.


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