Resistance and Rebellion

For the week of September 15-21, 2010.

Powerful planetary alignments foster undeniable urges to break free from restraints and constraints, real or imagined, and the combined astral intensity turns this week of seasonal transition into yet another week of shift, personal as well as collective. Be ready for rebellion, yours or others, as tolerance levels reach super-saturation points and acceptance becomes a thing of the past. From a political perspective, it just might be that the quiet majority, no longer able to endure rants born of displaced entitlement, is finally motivated to counter specious fiction with fact. (When Dylan wrote, “The first one now will later be last” I think he forgot to mention that as the “firsts” fell to the bottom they would bludgeon the rest of us to death with self-righteous laments and rancorous resistance to their new status.) From a personal point of view, emotions, long held at bay, are likely to burst forth with volcanic velocity, causing a lava flow of complaints and accusations, expected or unexpected. On the other hand, we’re out of slog of Mercury Retrograde, which means we’ve entered a steady pattern of forward motion that does not include computer, cell phone, or car disasters. And for those pursuing specific goals, the planets also support the determination and stamina to get the job done.

The source of this week’s “live free or die” stance is an opposition between the Sun and the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Typically, a Sun/Uranus conjunction stimulates the need to shed the shackles of whatever enslaves — an ideology, an old emotional pattern, or a dysfunctional relationship. Given that this opposition carries the signature of the last five months of astral intensity, the “oppressor” is more likely to be a stagnant system than an actual individual. Use this Sun/Jupiter/Uranus opposition to identify stagnant systems that bind you to behavior that is no longer congruent with your current consciousness. Be aware, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is associated with sudden and startling twists of fate best described as “serendipitous interventions.” Also be aware, this need for revolution is as much internal as external; inner bullies are often as cruel as the schoolyard ones.

The best advice I can offer is to avoid rebellion based on the need, conscious or unconscious, to feel superior to your tormentor. Instead, do your best to understand how each of us participates in the shared suffering. That awareness may take the wind out of any self-righteous sails, but it will also simultaneously create the possibility of compassion. Don’t misunderstand: Revolution is an essential component of transformation. And sometimes the only way to truly break free is to push through. But a true revolution of the heart produces compassion, and compassion creates an expansive healing field that allows authentic freedom for all.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

Aries Your rebellion is likely to be internal rather than external, although certain individuals could embody certain qualities of the status quo, positive or negative. Before you act impulsively, contemplate the consequences of your revolution.

Taurus It’s vital for you to recognize that no one has the power to keep you from actualizing your goals, especially if you are willing to do the hard work of honing your skills. So while others may be supportive, you are the source of your own success.

Gemini The conflict between personal and professional concerns is demanding, but this intensity also offers the possibility of eliminating old “shoulds” binding you to outdated patterns. Try on a new, guilt free perspective and see how that adjusts your attitude.

Cancer You are less interested in rebellion and more interested in affection, so rather than spend your time protesting, devote yourself to those you love. And don’t worry about being out of touch and just be in touch with your needs.

Leo Be patient with others as they try to make sense of your process. This isn’t about apologizing for your choices; it’s about taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions and helping others to make the necessary adaptation.

Virgo Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a full-fledged revolution that’s focused on your needs versus the needs of others, especially significant others. Yes … this is an ongoing conflict, but it is also necessary to resolve it with kindness.

Libra As you wrestle with the idea of what it means to truly help another, keep in mind, authentic service is not about “supposed to’s.” Service performed because you should often only engenders resentment — and that serves no one.

Scorpio You want to display your creative gifts, but you’re concerned about being judged. Instead of projecting the worst of your worries, try a revolution of positive thinking – the results might surprise you.

Sagittarius Because you’re feeling vulnerable, you may also feel a strong resistance to being out in the world. I’m not advising you to withdraw, but it would be worthwhile to honor your intuition and to take care of yourself.

Capricorn Emotional charges stimulate intense conversations, and those interactions catalyze strong reactions. I’m not suggesting you hold back or stifle your feelings. Just be aware, the intensity of your position inspires strong desires that cannot be denied.

Aquarius You’re being asked to relinquish a long-standing position and instead, to align with the values of others. Instead of rebelling against this opportunity, accept the challenge of letting go, and you’ll turn the situation into an expansive lesson in self-awareness.

Pisces You are in relationship rebellion, but the primary partnership you are trying to free yourself from is a negative relationship with yourself. Be determined to put aside self-recrimination and instead practice consistent self-appreciation.


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