Rebel with a Cause

For the week of June 17-23, 2009.

A mixed bag of celestial signatures coalesces into yet another week
of earthly intensity, and because so much is happening at once, it
won’t be easy to prioritize time and energy. Fortunately, grounded
discipline is a part of this planetary mix, but you will still need to
keep your wits about you. With all that’s going on, it will be all too
easy to become distracted or overzealous. What’s more, issues of power
and control form the baseline of the week, as the idealistic need for
personal freedom motivates spontaneous leaps of faith, but a potent
need to control the outcome interferes with the purity of free
expression. While these astral contradictions are confusing, they are
also exciting, and it won’t be easy saying “no.” And that could lead to
overextension or exhaustion. You’ll need discernment to navigate these
crosscurrents, and don’t be surprised if you feel yourself pulled in
opposite directions. Focusing on specific issues, rather than
polarizing or withdrawing in overwhelm, will help to synthesize these
seemingly disparate forces.

The Sun continues to trine the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction,
and as it does, it continues to shed a bright light on ideals as well
as on what inhibits the integration of those highest principles and
keeps them from becoming reality. This trine also fosters keen
imagination, which means many of us may be feeling deep levels of
inspiration. But because of Chiron’s presence, many of us may also be
at a loss as to how to express those insights.

The ongoing Sun/Uranus square provokes the desire to break away from
whatever inhibits personal freedom, imagined or actual. This rebellious
signature encourages independence from whatever enslaves, internal or
external, so be prepared for lots of people, including you, to take a
stand for liberty.

The problem with this universal urge for self-rule is that the Sun
also opposes Pluto, a difficult interaction that persists until the end
of the month. Sun/Pluto contacts are always about issues of personal
power, particularly issues of power related to a father or a father
figure. This could be a hard time for President Obama or other leaders
who carry collective paternal projections. What’s important to
recognize in the midst of this opposition is just how invested you are
to giving your power away to such a father figure. This opposition also
has a tendency to encourage despots, big or small. As Sun/Pluto
opposition collides with the Sun/Uranus square, arguments, if not
brawls, over who has the power are probable.

The very good news of the week is that Saturn trines the Venus/Mars
conjunction, providing a grounding rod of realism. Apply the strength
of this interaction liberally to any situation that seems to swing
between extremes. This is a faithful and enduring signature that could
turn lusty infatuation into a permanent condition.

As the week unfolds, try to think before you leap. While Uranian
spontaneity is exciting and creative, it can also exacerbate power
struggles. I’m not suggesting you defer your personal liberation, I’m
simply advising discernment as an appropriate attitude in the midst of
so much shifting.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that,

ARIES There are real opportunities for financial gain, but
you need to stay focused and persistent to take advantage of them. So
resist drama of any kind, and continue to put one foot in front of the

TAURUS To be a good leader you must inspire loyalty and
neutralize anxiety. So do not let harsh words, yours or others, throw
you off track. If you maintain your composure, so will your

GEMINI It’s your choice: React negatively or take a deep
breath and, no matter what happens, refuse to allow anything to disturb
your confidence and equilibrium.

CANCER Thoughtful conversations help stabilize potentially
difficult interactions with significant others, personal or
professional. Be willing to make wholesome compromises, and you’ll
create a win-win solution.

LEO Read Aries above and then add this: Do not let external
power struggles turn into internal brain worms. Refuse to let any
circumstance steal your enthusiasm or success.

VIRGO It’s a trust exercise, and it is all about trusting
yourself to be able to handle any circumstance that arises. You can do
this — you just have to breathe deeply and give yourself a chance
to analyze the situation.

LIBRA While certain circumstances continue to challenge your
ability to stay calm, you are also able to access a deep, internal
knowing that the outcome will be favorable. Be certain and you’ll
convince others to follow your lead.

SCORPIO Positive interactions with friends offer the gift of
understanding and insight, so rather than isolate, reach out to those
who love you. They may not have every answer, but that isn’t the point,
is it?

SAGITTARIUS Read Aries and Leo above and add this: There are
real opportunities for success, but to actualize your success, you have
to show up, stay in the moment, and be completely honest about what you
can and can’t deliver.

CAPRICORN Your creative journey continues, and while some of
the ride may be a little bumpy, your response doesn’t have to reflect
the struggle. Remember, whatever we focus our attention on becomes our

AQUARIUS Creativity is not just an art or a craft —
it’s an attitude about life and living. And when you allow yourself to
live with creativity as your primary reality, you thrive and so do all
your relations.

PISCES Let nothing dissuade you from love — it is the
greatest healing balm of all. Just don’t limit love to romance alone;
instead, be loving in all areas life, and then witness the results.

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