.Readers Say the Darndest Things: Sports and Leisure

Best Athlete (Amateur)
Demanda Riot
of Bay Area Derby Girls… shes terrifying in an amazing way! — Laura Bruland

Best Athletic Event
I love to bowl. It is a fun sport and one that anyone can play. I see kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, men, women, and all sorts of people bowling. It is a sport that you can do casually with friends once in a while, or join a league and be competitive. It is a sport that allows for a diverse crowd of people to play, and it’s good fun for the family. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is currently attracting youths and offering people the opportunity to get bowling balls, for free, so they can experience the thrill of playing the game. Bowling is a great sport that anyone from any gender, any size, or any age can enjoy. For that reason I believe it is the best athletic event. — Marshall A Brown

Best Place for Water Sports
In private! — leesajay

Most Unusual Way to Stay in Shape
Because the escalators are never working. — carlos colom

— Nicky Dyal

Bay Area Derby Girls’ Reckless Rollers
The friendliest and most awesome, kick-ass group of women you could ever hope to introduce yourself to and ten minutes later get heartily smashed in the hips by! — Robin Tatlow-Lord

when you’re drunk, you just don’t care how much it burns! — Kirsten Bjorgan

If you are not sweating, you are not doing it right! — Tora Spigner

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