Readers Say the Darndest Things: Restaurants and Bars

Best African Restaurant
Cafe Prima in Fort Bragg is the best EVER!
But it’s not in the Bay Area. — cindyrn

I love that you can call ahead for gluten-free injera, b/c really, these days we all have some GF friend we have to take into consideration. — Jinx1313

Best Bar
Albatross Pub
They have 6, yes 6 dartboards. You got a problem with six? — iamanonymos

Beer Revolution
I adore the tall bartender with the pony tail, he always finds great beer to drink! — ekonzak

Great bartenders, fun place to hang out late night, great prices and who doesn’t love shuffle board?! — cangiola19

Heart and Dagger
Incredibly diverse and affordable without an attitude unless you bring one. — liquorneck

Forbidden Island, Alameda
Tiki all the way, baby. — kiluma

Miss Saigon
Okay, so it’s more a tasty restaurant than a bar, but where else can you get liquor poured from a barrel of dead cobras? — Nicolas

The bar at Boot and Shoe
Hortence and John are friggin’ mixing magic in one of the most comfortable bars in the east bay! — Psurkis

Best Barbecue
Brown Sugar Kitchen
The best baby backs I’ve had in my life. The kicker is, everyone else I make try them says the same thing! — Psurkis

Phat Matt
Just like I had them in North Carolina! — Leon

Best Breakfast/Brunch
Cock-a-Doodle café
The pulled pork omelette is one of the best things that has ever been in my mouth. and they have micheladas. Win. — RedRage

Emil Villa’s, Hayward
Best eggs benedict anywhere. All their breakfasts are awesome, but the eggs bennedict especially rocks — fresh cooked ham-steak from their smoker makes this ridiculously tasty. — zdood

Everywhere is too goddamn expensive — alxndr

Thai Temple
Because of their overflowing trash cans and, of course, the people-watching. — Russell EB

Best Burgers
900 Grayson
Mmmmmmmmmmmm — makura_kotoba

In & Out
But ask for animal style — dhcases

Kwik Way
Homemade-seeming veggieburger — not that Gardenburger or Bocaburger nonsense! — Moline, Jennifer

Luka’s Tap Room
Don’t even get me started on the Belgian Fries. — Squidopiner

Sam’s Superburger
Double bacon cheeseburger — nuff said. — zdood

Saturn Café
Sorry, I’m a vegetarian. — spook_nine

Scolari’s Good Eats (1303 Park St.)
EVER — gwendolina

Best Chinese Restaurant
Shan Dong
Sesame handcut noodles! — Moline, Jennifer

Shen Hua
Period end of report — jdh320

Best Café
— lyras

When they are open — Spiegelmania

Mama Buzz
Buzzzzbuzzz — Gollie_Wag

Zocalo, San Leandro, CA
Great locally owned, roast-their-own-coffee shop. Always a cute chick at the counter, always. Tasty coffee. Free wifi too. I <3 Zocalo. — zdood

Best Cocktails
Luka’s Tap Room
The East Bay Iced Tea should be the official drink of the East Bay. — Disco Von Doom

Best Coffee
4 Barrel
Sorry, Blue Bottle — Spiegelmania

Blue Bottle
Obv — alxndr

Cole Coffee
If you like the kind of coffee that puts hair on your chest and is missing that burnt-been-sitting-here-for-hours taste, then look no more. No matter if you buy the beans or come in for a cup, Cole consistently has the best coffee in town. This is not the weak stuff in which you can see the bottom of your cup. This is colon-exercising brew that tastes delicious! — honeylawless

Dave the Barista’s coffee drinks at Nordstrom Corte Madera.
But ONLY Dave’s. He is a coffee artist. — The Wacky Italian

You get animal designs in your latte — natalieeleni

Best Deli
Genova Delicatessen
Duh. — annieputz

My Grandpa’s favorite since he was a kid! — rynstinct

Sierra Market
No frills, just a solid delicious sammich. — RedRage

Best Desserts
Breakfast bun from Hokpins Street Bakery
Get it fresh, or put it in the toaster oven for 20 seconds. Delicious. — makura_kotoba

Funnel Cake fries FTW. — spook_nine

But they CLOSED! — MaryW

Best Food at a Bar
BBQ at Missouri Lounge
Great prices, and just what you want. Have a can of beer while you wait — likemindedpeople

Disco Volante
Bacon jam, OMG! — Conan Neutron

Zuni Café
Perfectly priced tasty appetizers that don’t bog you down or kill your buzz! — aalbini

Best Games /Activities at a Bar
Darts, pinball, board games, pub quiz… — iamanonymos

Do strippers count?
I <3 strippers — zdood

Heart & Dagger
Bringing my dog trumps all else. — spook_nine

Best Gluten-Free Products
Brownies at Nabolom Bakery
They’re gluten-free and vegan and giant and AMAZING! — Russell EB

Went gluten-free for three months last year. Ate not one good thing. I feel sorry for all of you. — spook_nine

Best Healthy Fast Food
Bring it back! — AH

Kwik Way
Thank you, Gary Rizzo — Cat’s Meow

Nature’s Express
Anyone else still using the 2-for-1 coupons they put out months ago!? — Russell EB

Best Ice Cream
Seriously, is there any other place? — Bow wow

Nature’s Express
The only Vegan Soft Serv within 1000 miles! — femily

Best Japanese/Sushi Restaurant
Genghix in Castro Valley
A total hidden gem, don’t tell anyone. — Bow wow

No fancy gringo rolls here — just raw fish excellence. — Moline, Jennifer

Best Jukebox at a Bar
Heart & Dagger
Owns. Owns owns owns. — skoolidge

Best Mobile Food Cart/Truck
Tacos Grullense up in Richmond
Goddamn good tacos for $1 — alxndr

Tacos Mi Ranchos
An al pastor burrito to rule all others! — quixoticfrisson

Best Pizza
Pacific Veggie rocks — kgr

In the top ten pizzas in the U.S.!!!!! SO GOOD. — Bill Bartell

Gioia Berkeley
However you spell it — kaykay

Best first, last and always — T’sgma

Lo Coco’s On Piedmont Ave
Tiny bit of Italian heaven. — bells & whistles

The deep dish is to KILL for — huffingduster

Best Sandwiches
Bakesale Betty
R.I.P. brisket sandwich. I miss your horseradish and potato chip splendor — evt

Cam Huang
If you didn’t get your sandwich here, for three bux, then you got the wrong thing. Trust me. — spook_nine

Best Selection at a Bar
Bar 355
I wanted an aviation and they were one of the few places that actually had creme de cassis and KNEW how to make it. — anne1423

Best Southern/Soul Food
Fried chicken. Shrimp po’ boys! Yes! — makura_kotoba

I kinda hope Jodie’s doesn’t win cause then it will be even harder to get the fried chicken — alxndr

Souley Vegan
And I’m not even vegan! — ricika

We like southern stuff too, okay? — spook_nine

Best Thai/Lao/Burmese Restaurant
Burma Superstar
Oh oh oh oh tea leaf salad, baby! — femily

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
Sit at the bar. Gorgeous menu. Scintillating design. A meal I remember even a year later…Have a hot date from heaven. mmmmmmm…. — femily

Saturn Café
This was hard, but Saturn is the most utilitarian. Plus, they don’t make you pay $14 for a plate of kale and lentils. — spook_nine


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