.Readers Say the Darndest Things: People and Places

Best Activist
Jeff Perlstein
Got into the shoe game to create a centrally located activist gathering/event space funded by a necessary and stylish implement. Genius. — WillieMaze

Best Co-Working Space
Love it. Live it. Work it. — matthew J cote

Best Company to Work For
They recently moved to Oakland and working there is AWESOME! — whitneycl09

Anyone Who Does Window Repair
You’ll never run out of work — Adam Mann

East Bay Express
!!!!!!!!! — Justin Harris

Of course! To be fair, I am a co-founder of LocalOn, so this is a biased answer. — David Tolioupov

UC Berkeley
Three cheers for public education! — femily

Waiting at the Social Security office and collecting unemployment checks isn’t that bad — Pilar Reyes

Best Local Instagram Account
Who doesn’t love cats?!?!? — Ann Ayers

I don’t know who the heck he is, but his pictures are fantastic! — victoria.taylor85

Best Local Twitter Account
Susie Cagle
She’s a rockstar and I want to have her babies — Adam Mann

Best Neighborhood

Grand Lake
I wish I could clone the friendliness, helpfulness, and general good feelings I get when I’m in my neighborhood. — Jim Puskar

Piedmont Avenue
Bourgie, but you can’t say no to bookstore alley. — Zoe Tuck

Best Park
Codornices Park
The best slide ever! — Meg Barboza

Redwood Regional Park
Can it get better than this? Nope, sorry. (And dog-friendly, too!) — Peter Rubin

Best Pick-up Spot
Please tell me. — lkallenberger17d5

Best Place to Take the Kids
Dracena Quarry
Nice playground, redwoods, and a big grassy field they can’t possibly escape from. — owen_t

Best Place to Walk Your Dog
Cesar Chavez Park
Water, sea air, grass, squirrels to chase — this place is dog fricken heaven. — GO

Every Gated Community
So my dog can shit on their lawn and I don’t feel bad — Matt Sanford

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline
Hands down — Point Isabel is the BEST place for dogs to get their ya-yas out! — Michele Seville

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
Views, views, views — Judy Kerr

Best Politician
Barbara Lee
For keeping it real. — BOSS

Jesse Arreguin
One of the few on Berkeley council who is not in the pocket of developers — Christopher Adams

Best Professor or College Instructor
Jennifer Shanoski
Anyone who can keep 41 very different people awake and engaged in a discussion about thermodynamics for two hours at 8 a.m. is a genius. — Kaitlin Duffey

Maggie Hunter at Mills College!!!!!!!
Literal goddess of knowledge — Eileen Saltman

Best Urban Garden
Lake Merritt Gardens
If you haven’t been. … You are living in a cave — Kristi Holohan


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