music in the park san jose

.Readers Say the Darndest Things: Goods & Services

Cheap flowers, fabulous hair, and Mr. Pickles the dog.

music in the park san jose

Auto Mechanic Least Likely to Take You to the Cleaners
Alameda Auto Body
I admit I was hesitant trying Alameda Auto Body since they were recommended by insurance, but they treated [me] well, answered all my questions, and were able to get the job done for less than initial claim. I was quite pleased with the experience. — Abigail Hines

Best Bakery
Katrina Rozelle
Best birthday cakes ever. — Janet Winter

Starter Bakery
Buttery delectables. Nothing like it! — Corinne Kinczel

Las Pasitas
Fantastic Salvadorean pastries. — Christian B Martinez-carranza

Best Bookstore
EM Wolfman
The City Lights of Oakland. — Kelsey Westphal

Best Cannabis Deals
$15 for 1/8th, 4g and 4.2 g packages of flower! — Ria Bond

Best Dental Practice
Lake Merritt Dental
I was terrified of the dentist, and Dr. Tuck, Rosa, and Aida have made me feel so comfortable, they’re like family. I’ve gone from avoiding the dentist to having — so much — needed work done, and I couldn’t be happier with the work or the service! — Dejon Gill

Best Edible Cannabis Products
Camino gummies, Kiva Confections
The wide variety of flavors and types make it so easy to find exactly what I want. A lot of brands leave you with that cannabis after taste, but Camino gummies practically taste like fruit snacks without that after taste. — Iris

Best Game Shop
Black Diamond Games
Lovely friendly owners and employees, dedicated D&D players on Tuesday and great atmosphere. Excellent store credit program. — Glee

Best Grocery or Produce Delivery Service
Dan’s Fresh Produce
Alameda. Not sure if they deliver. Doesn’t matter. — Sean Tufino

Good Eggs
Good Eggs has the best selection of produce and prepared items, the BEST drivers and they have paid employees not just ‘gig’ workers. — marcelle

Best Gym Facilities
Body Mechanix
When I moved to the bay almost 2 years ago I was overweight and didn’t have many friends. I tried many gyms via class pass and Groupon. I found Body Mechanix Fitness Oakland to be a fun, friendly, reasonably priced gym with knowledgeable trainers. I have met my goal weight, made new lifelong friends, and now I am a part of a gym community. I love that this gym is diverse and they go out of their way to make sure to include everyone and they host events that promote community. — Jacqueline Taylor

Phoenix Gym
It’s not the facility, it’s the trainer. Chains have great facilities. Knowledgeable trainers are key to fitness, not glam surroundings and nice shampoo. — Barbara McDonald

Best Hair Salon
Ketér Salon
They made my hair faaaabulooous!! — ilex

Best Place to Buy a Cheap Bike
Swap Meet
Possibly stolen. — Steve Weiss

Changing Gears Bike Shop
Though I heard this community collective is going out of business. — Miss Kae Oz

Best Place to Buy a Fabulous Gift
The Gardener
Fabulous esthetic and well-curated. — karen jacobs

Feathered Outlaw
Best shop for unusual and creative gifts. — Witchmom

Best Massage Therapist
Ranjot Singh Skywalker
Yes, that’s their real name. — Candi Martinez Carthen

Highest-Quality Bike Selection
Spokes Bike Lounge & Family Bike Collective
They have the highest quality range of bikes that the owner, Brian, makes sure to fit to your body and lifestyle. The best bike may not be the best fit for you and Brian knows what he’s doing. — Lin

Lowest-Pressure Car Dealership
Albany Subaru
Have purchased 3 cars from them over the years and never felt bad about our purchase. — Harald Leventhal

Most Affordable Bike Repairs
The Bart bike shop by 19th Street.
Mr pickles the dog rules! — Kelsey Westphal

Most Affordable Co-Working Facility
At My Sphere
When you combine your work space with your gym membership (they offer co-working & fitness classes) this is a great bargain. — Karen Agresti

Most Affordable Gallery in Which to Buy Art
E-clectique Art Gallery
Kris Mikkelson who curates E-clectique Gallery has a philosophy that not only everyone likes a deal but the inventory needs to move and change consistently. A lot of patrons mention how reasonably priced the inventory is. — Clara Bellino

Most Affordable Gym Contract
Body Mechanix
Month to month or by session. — Marlon Gomez


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