.Readers Say the Darndest Things: Goods and Services

Best Arts and Crafts Supplies
Artist & Craftsman Supply
Everything you need and lots you just want! — victoria Hamlin

Blick Art Materials
CESAR!!! — jan wurm

Best Antiques Store
Alameda Point Antique Faire
Not a store but why go to a store when you can go here? — Lisa Grantham

Loot Antiques
Not exactly antiques, but uniques by the ton! — Ray Souza

Ohmega Salvage
Who else will sell you a pink claw-foot tub? — Rachel Hope Crossman

Best Bagels
Baron Baking
Better than Beauty’s — if only they had a storefront! — Peter Rubin

Beauty’s Bagel Shop
No contest — LORI LERMAN

Noah’s Bagels
Sorry, but I wish I could vote on another bagel place but there aren’t that many and Noah’s is the best so far. — Hildy Revenaugh

Best Barbershop
Slick and Dapper Barber Shop
Great old-time vibe, free drinks, walk-ins available, affordable. Love ’em — Jennifer Cavenaugh

Best Bike Shop
Tip Top Bike Shop
Their mottos say it all — All bikes, no attitude, and Everything for the Everyday Rider. Super friendly, welcoming of all types and genders of riders. — Heather Lewis

Best Bookstore
Dark Carnival Bookstore
Funky and strange, but so well stocked with science fiction, mysteries, and just plain weirdness. — Janet Winter

E. M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore
They host readings, book releases, art openings, and my wedding! — Zoe Tuck

Moe’s Books
Let’s be honest. I don’t need more books. But if I did, I’d come here. — owen_t

Pegasus Books
Indie and there are adorable cats in there. — Kristi Holohan

Best Boutique
Collage Clothing Lounge
They are always friendly, there is something for everyone’s style. My husband even goes without me and I am never disappointed at what he buys me. Love, love, love this boutique. — Gussie Lorene

Concept Forty-Seven
I remember when Stevonne was making her products in my kitchen and to see how far she’s come along with Beija-Flor. Don’t sleep on her facial products, they are the best! — Kenw34

Best Car Repair
Steve’s Auto
Steve has been known to spend an hour with a stethoscope to find exactly where metal powder is entering the transmission on my old Dodge truck. If my own doctor took such care, I would live to 103. — sarahsmiles

Best Eyeglass Shop
Focal Point Opticians
Who needs cosmetic surgery when you can wear frames as stylish as the ones available at Focal Point! The store also does top-shelf optics — my eye doctor didn’t think the shall-be-nameless HMO could even handle my complicated Rx, but Focal Point does wonders. I’ve never seen better. Also excellent customer service, with work fully backed — the store once replaced my glasses for free when they got scratched, despite protective coating, within the warranty period. — Marilyn Schwartz

Best Game Store
Games of Berkeley
After 35 years, can there still be any question? Games of Berkeley is the BEST! — Kathleen Hunt

Kimono My House
Just because it’s such a hidden gem. A nerd’s wet dream. — Adam Mann

Best Grocery Store
Berkeley Bowl
Number one reason why I’ll never leave the East Bay. — Emily Moyer

Best Hair Salon
Keter Salon
Would not trust my hair ANYWHERE ELSE. Prices for any budget. People here actually seem to give a shit. — aalbini

Tique Salon
Lisa (the owner) is aaaaaamazing — like a fortune teller for your hair! She reads your energy and gives you the beautiful, glossy new hair of your dreams and mood and lifestyle! — femily

Best Locally Produced Goods
Fucking Sculptures
Locally made sex toys! Doesn’t get much better! — Maria Yates


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