Readers Say the Darndest Things: Arts and Culture

Best Annual Event
Grindcore and punk bands from all over the West Coast, in it’s 3rd year this event has grown to even include bands from the Texas and Colorado. — Krystal Asche

solano stroll
in the morning before the crowds descend — judy herrmann

Sunday Streets, Berkeley
So fun to walk and roll along Shattuck with no cars! Also some excellent booths and music — more music, please! I liked seeing stores and businesses I had not noticed before, altho I drive and ride my bicycle along the same street often. — Seena Hawley

How Berkeley Can you Be
bring it back! — bob2353

oakland internet cat video festival
it’s a dream come true — Danielle Silva

Fairyland for Grownups!
Where you can leave your grown self at the door and escape for a fun boozy evening with your best friends (old and new) to revisit all the great stories that helped shape your weird imagination. — Lily Tsay

Eat Real Festival
Food! — kevin.dickerson

Best Artist
Just because she has one of the best voices out of all singers currently alive. — Nelsy

Brett Baumgart
From hand drawings, design, to tattoo work – he’s a visionary and the best the Bay Area has to offer. — Blake Rice

Ernest Doty
paints this town all pretty. — Trailer Motel

Tom Franco
sculpor and painter — Tom Franco

Best Art Gallery
Roscoe Ceramic
It is so hip, edgy, urban. Very well curated. Derik is the best. — Leslie Smith

The Streets
ABSOLUTELY no other gallery showcases the cutting edge and epic works like Oakland’s streets — kristih

TRAX Gallery
Amazing and beautiful works! A place for cutting edge work in the field. TRAX Gallery is inspiring, innovative and grounding all at once! Highest Recommendation! — melissa lambert

Best Band
The Universe’s *only* all-female Oingo Boingo cover band!
(Very close runner-up: Nephilim) — MJLawless

ROCK! — Steve Hull

B. Hamilton
B.Hamilton making bro-wave-rave relevant again. You can quote me on that. — Justin Flores

General Hospital
Its my band, we are the best — John Murphy

N/A (NslashA)
that’s their name, i’m not n/a-ing the field as non applicable — Marisa-Lee casillo

Best Club
League of Women Voters of Oakland
— Jane Klein

Malard Club
You would never know it from outside —ttt1237e7

Ruby Room
A little mix of everything with the right touch of crazy. — Camille Gebert

The Oakland Metro Operahouse
Place of all things that are awesome. — MJLawless

Berkeley Yacht Club
Great cruising, exciting races! — Sharon Hind-Smith

Club 21

Van Kleef
(but I’m old now) — Sara Steffens

Best Comedian
Caitlin Gill
Funny. tall. Caitlin! — Sam Kandaghabadi

Chris Riggins
He’s disgusting and always high on stage, but I can’t stop laughing anyway. — selelelele

george carlin
although, i do appreciate john leguizamo amongst many others. — Nelsy

Best DJ Night at a Club
DJ NETO(187)
Sick Sad Oakland. This man is a genius. — Brandon Dizzle

No such thing. All a DJ does is put records on. They do not deserve an award for this. — Gary Lee

Best Local Author
Daniel Alarcon
Lost City Radio was mysterious, well–written and opened a window on a much hidden part of South American recent history. — Caroline Purves

Ryan Christopher Parks
His Facebook statuses put me through a whirlwind of emotions. — Justin Flores

Joe Clifford
Can I vote for myself? I think that’s OK, right? — joe clifford

J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
Most of us know Jesse from his journalism. But his novel, Sugaree Rising, is absolutely incredible. You can get it at Laurel Books (also a local gem), Marcus Books, some other local bookstores, and also on Amazon and the other internet book sellers. — Emperor’sgotnoclothes

Tomas Moniz aka Rad Dad
(particularly fathers) to share, commiserate and plan with each other, and to support each other in challenging patriarchy one diaper at a time. As China Martens has said, “Tomas has been the most vocal voice within zines, trying to start and keep a discussion within this aspect of radical politics and parenthood.” His writing has been included in many zines about parenting as well as in the books My Mother Wears Combat Boots and Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind. — Endless Canvas

Best Local Book
Telegraph Avenue, by Jonathan Franzen
— Jim Puskar

Best Radio Station
I almost never listen to it, but it is the best of the east bay. — Tom Buoye

DJ Rubberband girl plays the soundtrack to my life, whether I like it or not. — zoeey66

Best Underground Warehouse
ALSO, THIS QUESTION IS STUPID — Vanessa Monique Martinez

smells like cat pee — John Murphy

are there really a bunch of underground warehouses? really? where? I’ve never heard of any. — rynstinct

Rocking it since Oakland didn’t enforce codes — kristih

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