R ‘n’ R High School

I'll, like, miss you guys so much!

Best Impression of a High School Junior in Late May
Planet Clair

Digits: Not likely, fool.
Ohhh, my God. I, like, totally can’t believe we made it through another year! I thought I would die! Math class sucked!!!! You are so awesome and totally pretty, so don’t even trip! Stay sweet and have a tight summer! LYLAS — Clair

By the way, here’re my picks for next spring:

Most Likely to Make the Tabloids
The Donnas; Billie Joe Armstrong

Biggest Brown-Noser
Mike “Gearhead” Lavella; Brett Matthews of AMP magazine and Coldfront Records

Nedelle; Goapele; Doseone (Anticon)

Most Likely to Succeed
Erase Errata; Prozack

Most Likely to Secede
The Coup

Most Athletic
Motion Man

Best Personality
Tina Lucchesi of the Deadly Weapons; Dax Pierson of Winfred E. Eye

Best Dressed
Dave Gleason; Heiko Schrepel of One Man Army

Most Intellectual
Kid606; Jewlia Eisenberg

Best Sense of Humor
Extreme Elvis, Foreign Legion, Spore Attic

Biggest Mouth
Stork Club booker Emmett Cadigan; Bas-1

Biggest Flirt
Lookout’s Chris Appelgren; Heathy Lee Roth of Gravy Train

Most Huggable
The Moore Brothers; harpist Joanna Newsom

Most Talented
Michael Montalto of Red Meat; Joanna Newsom

Most Popular
DJ Kitty

Class Clown
John Geek of the SPAM collective; slam poet Jamie Kennedy

Cutest Smile
Eli Eckert, singer for Drunk Horse

Cutest Couple
Jesse and Shoko, Experimental Dental School

Most Dependable
Davey D, Patrick Secor of 11345 Records

Most Likely to be Remembered
Carla Kihlstedt; Goapele

Biggest Playa

Best School Spirit
Promoter dani eurynome; SPAM Collective; Billy Jam of Hip Hop Slam Records

Most Versatile
Dax Pierson

Most Ambitious
The Matches; Simon Stinger

Adrian Tomine; Opio (Hieroglyphics)

Biggest Mooch
The Cuts and the Cuts

Best Dancer
Sean Sullivan of Soundboutique; Gravy Train

Most Talkative
Corbett Redford (SPAM Collective); Beni B (ABB Records)

Biggest Tease
Gravy Train

Most Argumentative
Sole (Anticon)

Dance Hall Crashers

Most Dramatic
Mark Growden; James Excel

Legend in His Own Mind
Mike Lavella

Best Car
The Phenomenauts’ Galactic Battle Cruiser

Best Laugh
Floyd (Fat Wreck Chords)

Born in the Wrong Decade
Bart Davenport; Russell Quan

Best Hair
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Best Eyes
Planet Asia; Des Kensel (drummer for High on Fire)

Most Original
Deuce Eclipse; Anticon; Winfred E. Eye

Class Gossip
Davey D

Cory Brown (Absolutely Kosher Records); Zion-I

Most Likely to Get a Wedgie
Counting Crows; that New Age ding-dong who plays that cymbalom thing on Telegraph Avenue; the hosebags who bang on overturned buckets at Sproul Plaza

Most Likely to Get a Wedgie if They Wore Underwear
The X-Plicit Players

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