.R. Kelly: Urine Luck

Okay, so five years have passed since R. Kelly’s indictment under child pornography charges, and the famed “urban opera” librettist still hasn’t gone to trial. The women who starred in his original videotapes are now adults. R. Kelly’s got a new hot single on the radio (another completely unselfconscious and unapologetically schlocky number called “Ima Flirt,” in which the singer coos, Now the moral of the story is cuff yo chick/ cause hey, I’m black, fresh, and I rap, plus I’m rich, and Ima flirt) and an album projected for May 29 release on Jive Records – whose track list, comprising such titles as “Pull Ya Hair,” “Sticky Panties,” “Good Sex,” “Freaky in the Club,” and “Havin’ a Baby,” indicates that R. Kelly has definitely abandoned his brief flirtation with the figurative register of language.
Plus he landed on the cover of Vibe magazine’s May issue. Though Kelly’s recent Cain-and-Abel-style battle with his brother, Carey Kelly (who alleges that R. offered him $50,000, a record deal, and a house if he’d perjure himself and pretend he was actually the guy featured in all the porn types, which might have actually been believable, given Carey’s resemblance to his more famous brother) might lead you to believe that R. Kelly’s hit hard times. But it looks like the fans are sticking by him through and through. Check out Dave Chapelle satirizing R. Kelly in the above video clip, “Piss On You.”


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